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Lotto Mons Expo - Mons, Belgium
April 30 2011

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Andy Kuntz from Vanden Plas live at the PPM Fest in Mons
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Vanden Plas was the first band I saw playing at the Power Prog & Metal fest.

It was the last progressive metal that played that day.
It’s been years since the last time I saw Vanden Plas on stage, it was in 2002 in Paris.

Stephan Lill singing - Vanden Plas live at the PPM Fest in Mons

The band played a short setlist comprising only recent songs.

Exit their classics like Rainmaker, You Fly or Soul Survives.
There were no songs from the first four albums.
We had one song from Beyond Daylight and 3 songs from each, Christ 0 and The Seraphic Clockwork.

Torsten Reichert on bass - Vanden Plas live in concert, PPM Fest

The lights were nice, as well as the sound.

All the Vanden Plas musicians are great interpreters and very talented players.
Quite impressive to see the technical skills of Andreas Lill on drums Torsten Reichter bass, backed by Günter Werno's keyboards.

On top of it, we had Stephan Lill's melodic and fast solos, plus the great voice of singer Andy Kuntz.

Günter Werno with Vanden Plas on stage

But well, I have to admiit that I'm not Vanden Plas biggest fan, especially when talking about their recent records.
I prefer their most direct early songs, so, to be honest,

I spent a good part of the show waiting for them to play Rainmaker or I Can See!

Andreas Lill on drums with Vanden Plas live in Mons at the PPM Fest

This means I didn't fully enjoy the show. I was happy to see them again after all these years, but the band has changed, and I'm not really into their style anymore.

But, I guess it's just a matter of musical styles: I saw a lot of Vanden Plas fans singing the lyrics and enjoying the show... and that's what matters when going to a festival!

andy Kuntz live at the PPM Fest

After this short Vanden Plas show, it was time for Rage to hit the stage.

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Setlist Vanden Plas – Lotto Mons Expo - Mons, Belgium – April 30 2011

01. Postcard To God
02. Scar Of An Angel
03. Holes In The Sky
04. Cold Wind
05. Frequency
06. Christ 0
07. Silently

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Vanden Plas Line-up:

Andy Kuntz – Vocals
Stephan Lill – Guitars
Günter Werno – Keyyboards
Torsten Reichert – Bass
Andreas Lill – Drums
Stephan Lill on guitars and backing vocals - Vanden Plas
Torsten Reichert with Vanden Plas
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