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Le Trabendo - Paris, France
May 4, 2010

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Phil Mogg live with UFO in Paris

Good news for all the rockers in Paris: this living outer-space rock legend called UFO was visiting us again!

The concert was organized at the Trabendo. Quite a small venue, their previous show was at the Elysée Montmartre, but all the fans granted them a warm welcome.

UFO going crazy

There were people of all ages attending the show. Yet again, the proof that rock’n’roll is alive and that good music composed decades ago still gets to the hearts of the younger generations.

The sound was very good. All UFO members are professionals and got a great sound out of their instruments.

The setlist was great, including the classics Only You Can rock Me, Too Hot To Handle, and of course Doctor Doctor.

Barry Sparks on bass

When I saw UFO live at Wacken 2009, they didn’t play Doctor Doctor, probably as a protest for being too early in the running order.
This time however they didn’t play Rock Bottom, although the song was marked on the setlist. Hey come on! If they wanted to skip a song due to Phil Mogg’s illness (or any other reason), they could have skipped something else than this incredible hit!

UFO live in Paris

All band members did great performances that night. Phil Mogg’s voice was good, even if he was sick. He didn’t move a lot on stage, but still did a good vocal performance.

Vinnie More’s guitar playing was incredible, technical and full of feeling.

But I think there was some tension on stage, like the musicians were not playing like a band, but rather each one doing his job separately.

Phil Mogg and Barry Sparks with UFO live in Paris

Regarding the he line-up, Pete Way wasn’t playing with UFO that night. Barry Sparks, was replacing him.
I love Barry’s playing, I think it’s very fluid and he’s got a great swing. Before tonight, I’ve seen Barry performing with Uli Jon Roth, Dokken and Ted Nugent.

Unfortunately, Barry Sparks' collaboration with U.F.O. didn’t last long, as he was replaced by Peter Pichl two days later for the German dates.

UFO in Trabendo, at last!

Maybe there was some tension between the band members. Who knows which extra-musical problems there might have been!
The next bass player, Peter Pichl is a session bassist, known by Heavy Metal fans for Running Wild during The Brotherhood and Rogues en Vogue albums and tours.
He also played in UFO’s 2009 record, The Visitor.

UFO made us spent a great evening, full of good Rock’n’Roll moments, even if this wasn’t an anthological show.

Phil Mogg and Barry Sparks from UFO in Paris

I hope this band will still keep on touring for a long time, and I hope next time they’ll deliver a performance that would match their status as a living legend.

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Setlist UFO – Le Trabendo - Paris, France – May 4, 2010

01. Let It Roll
02. Mother Mary
03. Saving Me
04. Out In The Street
05. Stop Breaking Down
06. This Kids
07. Hell Driver
08. Cherry
09. Daylight
10. Only you Can rock Me
11. Love to Love
12. Ain’t No Baby
13. Too Hot To Handle
14. Lights Out
15. Doctor Doctor

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UFO Line-up:

Phil Mogg – Vocals
Vinnie Moore – Guitars
Paul Raymond – Guitar / Keyboards
Barry Sparks – Bass
Andy Parker – Drums
Crazy! UFO
UFO singing and Paris going crazy
UFO and Tommy Clufetos
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