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La Java - Paris, France
November 13, 2010

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Poster for Tracy Gang Pussy and Tracy Gang Pussy live in Paris

Tracy Gang Pussy were the opening band for Jetboy.
They are a punk / hard rock band from Paris.
They define themselves as being at the crossroads of Scandinavian Rock N'Roll and US Punk Rock.

Tracy Gang Pussy have been active for a few years.
They have four records and have toured all over Europe with bands like The Backyard Babies, Vain and Sex Slaves.

Lucky from Tracy Gang Pussy live on stage at La Java in Paris

This was the first time I was seeing Tracy Gang Pussy in concert and I thought they did great.

Some people in the audience had seen them before and they said that this show was really great, one of the best they've seen.
I guess they have gained a lot of experience after all the extensive tours they've made.

Their fast and catchy melodies get easily into the head. Songs are short but consistent.

Even if the stage at La Java was small, they brought their customized Marshall amps, which were part of the lightshow.

Jes Reckless - Tracy Gang Pussy in Paris

Guitar player Revlon is the leader of the band. He plays fast, he's got beautiful vintage guitars, and tattoos all over his body. In other words, he's a rockstar.

Suicide hitted his drum like a madman: hard and fast. He had a blue bandana on his head, in the best Suicidal Tendencies or Agnostic Front style.

Bass player 8balled had a more gothic-rock look.

Lucky is the name of the new singer and guitar player. He's a good frontman and a good singer. Even if he looks more like a Montmartre dandy than like a punk, I think he fits great in the band.

Revlon from Tracy Gang Pussy at La Java in Paris

Tracy Gang Pussy are making ther way on the Rock and Punk European scenes.
I think they have a great potential and I wish them the best luck! Maybe their new singer Lucky will bring it!

Now, time for the Californian band Jetboy to hit the stage.

8balled on bass - live on stage with Tracy Gang Pussy

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Setlist Tracy Gang Pussy – La Java - Paris, France – November 13, 2010

01. Kids From The 80's
02. Cold Warmth
03. Wide Open To The World
04. I Have A Wish
05. Heartbroken, Heartbreaker
06. Remain
07. Let's Burn This City Down In Flames
08. Miss Negativity
09. Southern Girl
10. Don't Drag Me Down
11. Black
12. I Want

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Tracy Gang Pussy Line-up:

Lucky – Vocal / Guitar
Revlon – Guitars
8balled – Bass
Suicide – Drums
Lucky from Tracy Gang Pussy live in Paris
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