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Divan du Monde - Paris, France
March 21 2012

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Tony Macalpine live in Paris

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After Patrick Rondat, it was time for another guitar hero: Tony Macalpine!

This was my first concert from this guitar wizard, and it went beyond my expectations.

Again, there were not many lights, and blue was definitely the dominant colour of this evening. But the sound was very good this time, and the band transmitted a lot of energy as they played.

Bjorn Engle on bass live with Tony Macalpine at Le Divan du Monde in Paris

Tony's band was composed of some virtuoso musicians on each instrument.
On bass we had Bjorn Engle, who is also part of the Yngwie Malmsteen band, but has played with many other well known musicians.

The rhythm part was completed by Aquiles Priester from the Brazilian band Angra on drums.

And there was another guitar player on stage: Nili Brosh, a young girl who'd leave anyone breathless, especially when she gets her seven string guitar.

Nili Brosh with a 7-string guitar, live with Tony Macalpine

The setlist was a nice surprise. We had the pleasure of hearing the entire first record from Tony Macalpine, Edge Of Insanity album, released in 1986.

After this shredding discharge, the band played a couple of songs from Maximum Security, and two songs from his latest record, the self titled album Tony Macalpine.

Aquiles Priester on drums

Even if none of the other musicians that recorded Edge Of Insanity were here tonight, the current band did an incredible work.
There were several musicians in the audience, and they were captivated by the riffs, solos and licks.

The most important thing is that they didn't sound like Tony's backing band. Despite the fact that this was their first tour together, they sounded like a band that's been playing together for years.

Tony _Macalpine, Aquiles Priester and Bjorn Engle

Tony Macalpine is a very versatile guitar player. He's good at metal and he's good at progressive rock.

Complex riffs, nice melodies and a unique technique... Tony Macalpine alternates powerful melodies and aggressive riffs on his 7-string guitar, plus some piano breaks that add another atmosphere.

To be honest, I haven't listened to all his albums, but after this concert, I certainly will get more into them.

Tony Macalpine on keyboards

The show tonight was a good suprise, melting rock, metal and several virtuoso musicians. It was impressive, it's not often that we get so many impressive musicians in a small club.

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Setlist Tony Macalpine – Le Divan du Monde – Paris, France – March 21 2012

01. Wheel Of Fortune
02. The Stranger
03. Quarter to Midnight
04. Agrionia
05. Empire in the Sky
06. The Witch and the Priest +Keyboard solo
07. The Taker
08. Chopin Prelude 16 Opus 28
09. Edge of Insanity
10. The Raven
11. No Place in Time
12. Serpens Cauda
13. Tears of Sahara
-- Psychoctopus Drum Solo --
15. Pyrokinesis
16. Hundreds of Thousands

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Tony Macalpine Line-up:

Tony Macalpine – Guitars / Keyboards
Nili Brosh – Guitars
Bjorn Engle – Bass
Aquiles Priester – Drums
Tony Macalpine in concert
Tony Macalpine Live at the Divan du Monde
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