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Behind The Veil
Release date: June 17 2013

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Genre: Hard Rock
Metal Traveller Rating: (4,5/5 - Already a classic)

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The Burning Crows Behind The Veil album cover

Meet The Burning Crows, the newcomer that every rock fan in Britain is talking about.
They have acquired a reputation as a great live act after they’ve toured all over the UK, as headliners and with The Quireboys. They have even played the Hard Rock Hell Festival.

That’s not all. The Burning Crows have been nominated to Exposure Music Awards in the categories of “Best Live Band” and “Best Rock song” in 2010 and 2011. They even have been called “The future of British Rock”.

Guess what, all these accomplishments were done without releasing an album! Their first EP, named Never Had It So Good, came only in 2012.
That’s right, The Burning Crows have acquired their reputation the good old way, from word of mouth.


All these happenings brought the attention of producer by Nick Brine, who has worked with The Darkness, Bruce Springsteen and Oasis, to name a few. He produced the EP and now he’s producing The Burning Crows debut album, Behind The Veil.

If everything that’s been said about their live performances is true, those who have seen The Burning Crows on stage will rush to get the album. For those of us who haven’t had the chance to see a live performance by The Burning Crows, here’s the CD so we can discover the band!

Britain has a long Rock’n’Roll tradition and lots of bands from the UK have a unique taste. It’s like a touch of class unmatched elsewhere, and that’s something The Burning Crows have inherited.
The album starts with a Larsen effect that quickly turns into a catchy guitar riff. Drums are added and a warm voice that can sing and scream comes later. This cocktail is a song is named High, and it’s perfect to get you in the mood for an hour of good Rock’n’Roll!

Beyond The Veil contains 12 rock songs, 14 if you get the Digipack version with bonus tracks. It’s good Classic Rock with a modern sound and an unrivalled energy.
The whole album is good! Every song has something special, and that’s become rare nowadays!

All The Way is a real highlight. It has a catchy chorus and it makes you want to move!
Some songs needed some keyboards to get a bluesy touch, so their mate Keith Weir from The Quireboys gave them a hand. For instance, he can be heard on Time, a song that could easily be a radio hit. The beautiful ballad Here I Am could also easily make it.

So Wrong is one of my favourite songs. I particularly love how the guitars respond to each other during the solo.
Fallin' has a tremendous chorus, The Queen is a powerful tune with a memorable riff, and the title track Behind The Veil is a real Rock’n’Roll party!
The two bonus tracks, Going Down and Best Damn Everything, are a little apart. They have a heavier sound than the rest of the album but they still go along with the rest.

The Burning Crows are here to continue a long tradition.
Now that their debut album is out, they’re writing their own page in the history of British Rock. I can only hope that their music will be exported to Europe and beyond!

The Burning Crows the band
Picture: Promo Burning Crows Records

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The Burning Crows Line-up:

Whippz – Vocals / Guitar
Lance Daniels – Guitar
Will Lockett – Bass
Chris Chapman – Drums

––– Special guest ––––
Keith Weir – Keyboards

The Burning Crows Links:

The Burning Crows Website
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Tracklist The Burning Crows

01. High
02. All The Way
03. You, Me, Tonight
04. Time
05. Fallin'
06. So Wrong
07. Here I Am
08. Say My Name
09. The Queen
10. Devil May Care
11. Slow Up, Get Down
12. Behind The Veil
13. Going Down (Bonus Track)
14. Best Damn Everything (Bonus Track)

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