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Wacken, Germany
August 1 , 2009

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Chuck Billy and Paul Bostaph from Testament live at Wacken Open Air

After the party with Onkel Tom, it was time for Testament to hit Waken’s True Metal stage.

The band has been touring intensively since the got their latest album out, The Formation Of Damnation.

Well, what can I say, Testament was one of the best bands performing at Wacken 2009!

Eric Peterson with Testament in Wacken

Testament in 2009 sounds good and louder than ever.

Solos from Alex Skolnick and Eric Peterson were precise and clean.
And the rhythmic section from Greg Christian and Paul Bostaph sounded killer.

Of course, Chuck Billy remains one of the best Thrash Metal frontmen ever.

Chuck Billy and Alex Skolnick live in Wacken

Testament’s setlist included some pleasant surprises like a start with the song The Preacher and songs like Burnt Offerings or The Persecuted Won't Forget.

They privileged their second album The New Order, by playing four songs from it.

Greg Christian with Testament in Wacken

The audience was wild and completely unchained!

Crowdsurfing didn’t stop for an hour.

And what about those circle pits involving a lot of people!

Yeah, the atmosphere was magic!

Alex Skolnick from Testament live at Wacken Open Air Before DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) Chuck Billy said “Don’t Let Us Down Wacken, I know you’re tired but this is the best day”… and that boosted again the crowds which responded with incredible energy.

After that killer Testament show I went backstage during Heaven Shall Burn's concert , and came back for Axel Rudi Pell.
Eric Peterson from Testament in Wacken - August 1 2009

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Setlist Testament – Wacken Open Air Festival, Wacken, Germany – August 1, 2009

01. The Preacher
02. the New Order
03. Over The Wall
04. Practice What You Preach
05. More Than Meets The Eye
06. The Persecuted Won't Forget
07. Burnt Offerings
08. Into The Pit
09. Disciples Of The Watch
10. D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate)
11. 3 Days in Darkness
12. The Formation Of Damnation

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Testament Line-up:

Chuck Billy - Vocals
Eric Peterson - Guitar
Alex Skolnick - Guitar
Greg Christian- Bass
Pail Bostaph - Drums
Chuck Billy and Alex Skolnick from Testament in Wacken
Alex Skolnick with his tongue out in Wacken
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