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Virgin Megastore Champs Elysées - Paris, France
October 15, 2010

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Alex K. from the Sticky Boys live at Virgin Megastore in Paris, France

The prestigious Virgin Megastore, located right at the Champs Elysées Avenue in Paris, organized a series of concerts called the PLUG IN Festival.

It lasted a week from monday to friday, and consisted of showcases with new bands from the French rock scene.

The Sticky Boys were the last band to play at the PLUG IN Festival: they were the last band to play on friday, the last day of the event.

In a way, they were the headliners, and for good reason!

JB from The Sticky Boys live in concert

The Sticky Boys became known for their performance on a spot for Voyages SNCF, the national French Railways operator.

They perform a song for a girl named Sylvie who's just arriving by the train.
If you haven't seen the video yet, then click on this link to see it on youtube.

Tom B. from The Sticky Boys in Paris

When The Sticky Boys came on stage, with their rocker clothes, some people who didn't came for the show just laughed.

Yeah, as you can imagine, not everyone that shops at the Champs Elysées takes rock and metal seriously.

But they were soon proven wrong!

When the band played the first notes, a rock'n'roll discharge fell upon us, and everybody knew that The Sticky Boys will have the last word.

Tom, JB and Alex from The Sticky Boys

As durmmer Tom B. said on his speech, we've been hearing for 50 years that rock'n'roll is dead. But it's alive, and this kind of events continue to prove it.

You can watch Tom's speech and the band performing Fat Boy Charly at this location on DailyMotion.

 Alex from The Sticky Boys As the concert went by, more and more people began to gather in front of the stage.
People that had never heard of The Sticky Boys before.

There were some teenagers trying to get to the first rows, but also a few kids with their mothers! And both, the children and their parents were watching, moving their head and enjoying the show!

In a word, The Sticky Boys sat Virgin Megastore on fire. A real rock'n'roll hold-up!

The Sticky Boys don't have an album yet, but they have enough songs to make a good record.
They've changed their setlist everytime I see them, testing the audience's reaction on different songs.
JB and Alex headbanging at Virgin - The Sticky Boys live

The climax of the show was when Alex and JB got down the stage, played some riffs in the middle of the audience, and climbed the stairs to play in the first floor of Virgin Megastore.

Airbourne also did something similar a couple years earlier.

Rocking Virgin Megastore at the Elysean Fields - The Sticky Boys live

The Sticky Boys are a band with attitude and scenic presence.

A young band that knows how to rock, and who sold his soul to rock'n'roll!!

They're for sure one of the greatest and most authentic recent French bands.

So if you don't know them, get their songs at their MySpace page, and get ready for som action!

The Sticky Boys live @ Virgin Megastore

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Setlist The Sticky Boys – Virgin Megastore - Paris, France – October 15, 2010

01. Rock'n'Roll Nation
02. Great Big Dynamite
03. Fat Boy Charly
04. The Way To Rock'n'Roll
05. Girls In The City
06. Miss Saturday Night
07. Bang That Head

The Sticky Boys Links:

The Sticky Boys Website
The Sticky Boys My Space
The Sticky Boys on facebook
The Sticky Boys on Metal Traveller's Flickr

The Sticky Boys Line-up:

Alex K. - Guitars/Vocals
Tom B. - Drums/Vocals
J.-B. C. - Bass/Vocals
The Sticky Boys live at the Champs Elysées
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