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Le 114 - Paris, France
March 22 2012

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Poster from the Sticky Boys live at the 114

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When the Sticky Boys say they're plannig a special evening, well we all know that something BIG is coming.

The boys will release their first album, This Is Rock'n'Roll, within the following weeks.
But they couldn't wait for the official release party, so the made a gig at a small club in Paris called Le 114.

This party was called "Carte Blanche à Sticky Boys", which means "Free-hand to the Sticky Boys". In other words, we were at their mercy!

As soon as we got to the place, we were given a lottery ticket, and a pin with the logo of the band, and we were greated by a sexy Catwoman.
But she wasn't the only special guest tonight. Right at the left side of the entrance door, there was Régis Le Sportif, a guy on a bike providing power to and old TV and a VCR where the Terminator II movie was playing on VHS format!
Oh, and Terminator himself was also hanging around, with the Bruised Beauties Menilmontant Roller Girls.

And that wasn't all... there were other TVs where we could play the Nintendo games that used to be so modern only 15 years ago.

Is that a way to get the people in the mood for a vintage party or what?

Alex from The Sticky Boys

A guy named the Colonel Thunder got on stage to introduce the Sticky Boys.
In his quite long speech, he stated that the Sticky Boys were about to bring Rock'n'Roll back. And if they can't provide any solution to all the current problems that we live, it's because the Sticky Boys ARE the solution!

Well, in the meantime they had created great expectations for tonight, so we were all looking forward to their show.

JB from the Sticky Boys

The Sticky Boys went on stage with their characteristic energy. From the first song, people started to move and dance, as Alex and JB only stopped headbanging when singing.

Headbanging is contagious, it didn't take long until the crowds started to do the same!

The sound was good and just loud enough, while lights were quite good for a venue of this size. But anyway the Sticky Boys rocked as if it was a stadium!

On est les Sticky Boys, on est là pour le rock'n'roll

After the first song, Tom jumped off his drumkit to welcome the crowds, with his already famous sentence "On est les Sticky Boys on est là pour le Rock'n'Roll!!"

He made a nice speech abou rock'n'roll, about the band, and about the party that had just begun.
He made sure that we were already in the mood for a party.

The Sticky Boys headbanging on stage

After Four songs, the band left the stage for a 20 minute break. Just enough time to get a beer, play a vintage Nintendo game, or watch some scenes of Terminator II on VHS. When was the last time this happened??

When the boys got back on stage for a second set, the crowds were much wilder! They played a total of five more songs, they rocked like hell, ad the crowds replied accordingly.

Alex from The Sticky Boys

At the end of the show, it was finally time for the lottery. Terminator, Catwoman and all the guests got on stage to give the price away.

Some lucky girls won a pair of Puma shoes, and a pair of tickets for the Sticky Boys album release party, which will be next April 14 at the Bus Palladium in Paris.
Oh, which were the winning numbers of the lottery? You guessed! 69 and 666!

Next appointment with the Sticky Boys will be on April 14. Every rock'n'roll fan in Paris should be there. And of course, rush to get the album as soon as it's available.

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Setlist Sticky Boys – Le 114 - Paris, France – March 22 2012

First Set:
01. Bang That Head
02. Fat Boy Charlie
03. Rock'n'Roll Nation
04. I Fought The Law
Second Set
05. Great Big Dynamite
06. Girls In The City
07. Big Thrill
08. The World Don't Go Round
09. Miss Saturday Night

Sticky Boys Links:
The Sticky Boys Website
The Sticky Boys My Space
The Sticky Boys on facebook
The Sticky Boys on Metal Traveller's Flickr

Sticky Boys Line-up:

Alex – Vocals / Guitars
J-B – Bass
Tom B. – Drums
Terminator and The Sticky Boys
Terminator, Catwonam, Régis Le Sportif, and the Sticky Boys
Tom from the Sticky Boys on drums
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