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Steel Panther

Luxor - Cologne, Germany
September 19, 2010

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Michael Starr live at the Luxor in Cologne, Germany

Steel Panther are a very rare sight in Europe.
Previously, they had only played festivals in Sweden, Finland and the UK, and clubs in England.

Steel Panther came to Europe to support Ozzy Osbourne at the Ozzfest in London. They sized the oportunity to do a headlining show in England, plus a short 4-gigs German Tour.

Cologne was the first ever Steel Panther show in Germany, and the first headlining show in Europe, apart from England.

Portrait of Satchel playing guitar with Steel Panther

As there was no scheduled concert in France, we drove with 5 friends all the way to Köln to see this show... and we really weren't disappointed!

The Luxor is a small 500 people capacity venue in Cologne. The Steel Panther show was completely sold out days before, even if it was announced quite late.

Always carry a mirror with you - Lexxi Foxxx from Steel Panther

There was no opening act, Steel Panther were the only band playing. Everyone in the audience was here to see them, and waiting for them as the new messiahs of heavy glam rock metal!

Steel Panther came on stage with a fine version of Eyes Of A Panther and that's the moment when Glam Metal got a whole new definition!

Stix Zadinia from Steel Panther live in Cologne

Just as you'd remember on those old days 80's video clips, the kind of perfect glam rock metal band was here on the small Luxor stage.

There were few lights but a lot of glitter!
Also, the sound was enourmous. I didn't expect a new band to have such a good sound, even if they're experienced musicians.

A stripper girl with Michael Starr from Steel Panther live in Cologne

Wigs, shiny clothes, bandanas, glitter... and of course, girls, girls, girls!

No, they didn't play that Mötley Crüe song, but they played Kickstart my Heart, and a stripper (supposedly a fan, but I'm sure it was a professional) came on stage to give a sexy demonstration of her art!

Michael Starr close to a Steel Panther fan

Steel Panther setlist included the best songs of their album Death To All But Metal, like The Shocker, Party All Day, Asian Hooker and the fantastic Community Property.

One new song made its way through the show: Critter, which you'll probably hear as the next single or in the next album.

About the cover songs, we were glad to have some Van Halen, Mötley Crüe and Guns'n'Roses stuff.

Lexxi Foxxx from Steel Panther

All members of the band took the microphone from time to time to thank the audience... especially to the girls.
More than happy to see the German audience, they were happy to see so many "German pussy".

Yeah, that's Steel Panther, don't be surprised, you know what the lyrics are about!

Steel Panther in Germany: Michael Starr

They made a lot of fun about that. Like Michael Starr asking drummer Stix Zadinia what's the first thing he wanted to say about Germany. He answered "I love German Pussy".
And the second thing he wanted to say? that he REALLY loved German pussy!

But they also made fun of themselves, like Michael Starr asking the audience "how many people here like to go to the zoo?"

Lexxi Foxxx from Steel Panther

By the end of the show Michael Starr invited some girls to the stage to dance during the encore: Jump from Van Halen and Paradise City from Guns'n'Roses.

It was not what you're thinking! The girls didn't go naked, they just had fun on stage dancing and singing with the Steel Panther guys, and it was one of the best moments of the show.

Michael Starr Steel Panther

I didn't expect Steel Panther to be that good on stage.

Everybody knows they're more a glam rock parody that a band itself, but they say "Steel Panther rocks" or "Steel Panther Kicks Ass" , they're not lying, well they really do!
To be honest, they're way better that some well established bands.

I really hope that they'll come back soon to Europe. Even if they don't have a new album, Death To All But Metal is a masterpiece and it deserves a real European Tour!

Steel Panther Live

So come on, bring it closer! Rock (and more) all night and party all day!

Next day, wake up early and drive back home for Ozzy Osbourne concert in Paris!

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Setlist Steel Panther – Luxor - Köln, Germany – September 19, 2010

01. Eyes of a Panther
02. Asian Hooker
03. Fat Girl (Thar She Blows)
04. The Shocker
05. Community Property
-- Guitar Solo --
06. Turn out the Lights
07. Girl from Oklahoma
08. Kickstart My Heart
09. Party All Day (Fuck All Night)
10. Eatin' Ain't Cheatin'
11. Critter
12. Death to all but Metal
13. Jump (Van halen)
14. Paradise City (Guns'n'Roses)

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Steel Panther Line-up:

Michael Starr – Vocals
Satchel – Guitars
Lexxi Foxxx – Bass
Stix Zadinia – Drums
Beautiful Steel Panther fans on stage
Number one French Steel Panther fan
Steel Panther fans on stage
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