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Amphitheater - Gelsenkirchen, Germany
June 17 2011

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Status Quo at the Amphitheater in Gelsenkirchen

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I learnt quite late that this concert was taking place, only a few days before it.
As I was in the area I thought it would be a good idea to see Status Quo presenting their new album Quid Pro Quo on one of the first dates of the tour.

Status Quo playing by the river in Gelsenkirchen

The Amphitheater is a great open air venue, located in a green park in the city of Gelsenkirchen.

The scenery is very beautiful as the Amphitheater is surrounded by trees and behind the stage there’s the river.

Some metalheads would know it, as this is where the Rock Hard Festival takes place.

Status Quo live in Germany

We were all ready for a night of Rock’n’Roll, as the Status Quo members got one by one on stage and started with the captivating riff of Caroline.

The lights were very good and the sound was excellent so everybody got in the mood really quick!
It began to rain during the song Rain, but instead of downing the ambiance, it made the song a very special moment.

Status Quo live in Germany

The place was not sold-out, but everyone in there was trapped between the groovy rhythms and the catchy melodies of the Quo.
Lots of people were dancing and doing the typical left to right movement with their air guitars!

Francis Rossi asked us if we speak English before addressing the crowd. People replied that yes, but I don’t know why he asked that, he wouldn’t have talked in German anyway …

Francis The Wizard Rossi and Matt Lettley on drums

What's very impressing is the energy that this band has!

These guys are in the 60’s, have broken many records, and have nothing else to prove.
But they move a lot and one can see that they really enjoy being on stage.

Union Jack Flag Guitar - Status Quo live in Gelsenkirchen

Status Quo played a lot of their best known classics in the setlist. One and half hours is too short to play them all, but Roll Over Lay Down, In The Army Now, What You’re Proposing or Whatever You Want were all there.

A few new tracks were included, like Two Way Traffic and Rock'n'Roll and You. They sounded great, and were very well received by the audience.

Rhino Edwards on bass

Not long before the encores, it finally got dark and that’s when we could really appreciate the whole lightshow.
At this moment they played a memorable version of Rockin’ All Over The World… a song that could definitely describe the life on the road for a rock band, but can also apply to Metal Traveller!

Francis Rossi singing with Status Quo

Status Quo keep on rocking and delivering high quality shows. They’ll tour the world for their Quid Pro Quo album, so if you can, you should definitely catch one of their shows if they play near your town.
Next one for me was in Paris. Click here for Status Quo live at the Olympia in Paris.

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Rick Parfitt singing and playing with Status Quo in Germany

Setlist Status Quo – Amphitheater – Gelsenkirchen, Germany – June 17 2011

01. Caroline
02. Something 'bout You Baby I Like
03. Rain
04. Rock'n'roll and You
05. Mean Rirl
06. Softer Ride
07. Beginning of the End
08. Two Way Traffic
09. Medley:
What you're Proposing
Down The Dustpipe
Little Lady
Red Sky
Dear John
10. Big Fat Mama
11. The Oriental
12. Creeping Up On You
13. Let's Rock
14. Living on an Island
15. In the army now
Drum solo
16. Roll Over Lay Down
17. Down down
18. Whatever You Want
19. Rockin' All Over The World
20. Rock and Roll Music
21. Bye Bye Johnny

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Status Quo Line-up:

Francis Rossi – Vocals, Guitars
Rick Parfitt - Guitars
Andy Bown – Keyboards, Guitar, Harmonica
John "Rhino" Edwards - Bass
Matt Letley - Drums
Andy Bown in Gelsenkirchen with Status Quo
Francis Rossi playing guitars with Status Quo
Rick Parfitt in Germany with Status Quo
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