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Epitome Of Torture
Release date: April 29 2013

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Genre: Thrash Metal
Metal Traveller Rating: (4/5 - Killer)

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Sodom - Epitome Of Torture album cover

Destruction and Kreator published new albums in 2012. Only Sodom was missing in order to have fresh material from the Holy Trinity of German Thrash Metal.
Now that they published Epitome Of Torture, the triangle is complete again.

The first thing that surprises is the sound so powerful that they created. Dense might be the right word to describe it. Add some killer riffs to the mix and you'll feel like in the middle of a battlefield. No doubt that this is the atmosphere they wanted to create because this record is about... war, of course. You wouldn't expect anything else from Sodom, would you?


And what about the music? Well it's exactly the kind of high quality Thrash Metal that characterizes Sodom!
The first bomb is called My Final Bullet, and it's devastating. What a riff, what a solo and what a chorus! This is one of the best songs of the album.
The next tune is called S.O.D.O.M. and it was definitely composed in order to make a hit. And that's exactly what they did, this one is already a classic and everyone will scream for on the upcoming tour.
So far the first songs reminded me of the excellent M-16, with killer riffs and catchy choruses no short of energy.
Most of the following songs are heavier and darker, but that doesn’t mean less powerful.

Stigmatized is one song apart, it stands on the border between Thrash and Death Metal. Shoot Today Kill Tomorrow is also on this vein, with guttural voice again.
Cannibal is another outstanding track, regarding the riff the solo.
And what about the excellent Katjuschka? It starts with the traditional Russian air of the same name, and then it turns into a war anthem.

Into The Skies Of War also stands apart. Its catchy chorus and swingy riff reminds us that Tom Angelripper is a big fan of AC/DC and Rock'n'Roll in general.

Tracing The Victim is a great choice for a final song, and it’s the most melodic song of the album.

Woah, we’ve just lived 40 intense minutes of high quality Thrash Metal!

Epitome Of Torture might not be the most accessible Sodom album, but it has all the qualities you would expect from this band: it is raw, aggressive and fast.

Agent Orange and M-16 are my favorite Sodom records... but Epitome Of Torture is already high up in the list.

Tom from Sodom

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Sodom Line-up:

Tom Angelripper – Vocals, Bass
Bernd "Bernemann" Kost – Guitar
Markus "Makka" Freiwald – Drums

Sodom Links:

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Tracklist - Sodom - Epitome Of Torture

01. My Final Bullet
02. S.O.D.O.M.
03. Epitome of Torture
04. Stigmatized
05. Cannibal
06. Shoot Today - Kill Tomorrow
07. Invocating the Demons
08. Katjuscha
09. Into the Skies of War
10. Tracing the Victim

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< Concerts 2013 > < Album Reviews > Sodom On Tour 2012 >
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