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Dynamo Rock & Metal Café - Eindhoven, The Netherlands
February 5 2011

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Tom Agelripper from Sodom live at the Dynamo in Eindhoven

I didn't plan ahead to go to this concert so this was some kind of improvisation... I had a train ticket to see Helloween in Germany on their 7 Sinners Tour, but Andi Deris was ill an s o the show was cancelled...

Well... I couldn't get the money from the train back so I searched for the concerts around... and I found that Sodom were playing in Eindhoven, Holland!

Bernemann on guitars with Sodom

It's been more that 7 years since I saw Sodom for the last time... and I've never seen a headlining show from this band before, so this was a great opportunity!

First, let me say a word about the venue. The Dynamo Rock & Metal Café is a really cool place!
It’s very centrally located, not far from the Eindhoven train station, and close to many bars. The place is not so big, the stage is large, beer is cheap, and there are even computers with free Internet.

Tom Angelripper singing - Sodom live in Eindhoven Germany

The concert was not sold out, but there was enough people for some crowdsurging and stage-diving from time to time.

Sodom is to me the most Rock’n’Roll of all Thrash Metal bands. They just plug their instruments on their amps and play.
A backdrop with the cover of the new album is enough stage decoration.
Unlike Kreator, who have a very calculated show, a Sodom concert is more spontaneous, it’s more about Rock’n’Roll.

Tom Angelripper with Sodom live at Dynamo

The lights were good, but they had some sound problems at the beginning of the show. It went better after a couple of songs but Bernemann’s guitar wasn’t loud enough, it was partially covered by the bass.

Maybe it was the bass that was too loud but Tom Angelripper’s bass really is the spine of that band, the so characteristic sound of Sodom.

Bernd "Bernemann" Kost on guitars with Sodom in Eindhoven

Sodom setlist was composed of songs from most of their albums, and included the all-time classics The Saw Is The Law and Bombenhagel.

I'd say there were not enough tunes from M-16, which is one of my favourite records... But we had no less than 3 songs from Agent Orange, while just 2 songs from the New album In War And Pieces.

Onkel Tom will always share a beer with his fans!

Tom was dressed with a nice T-shirt from Slayer’s first album, Show No Mercy! It’s great to see that these old T-shirts are back! A couple of Months ago, Mark Osegueda was wearing a very old Metallica shirt when playing with Death Angel.

Tom didn't hesitate to share a few beers with the audience. Hey, don't forget that he's the one and only Onkel Tom!

Markus "Makka" Freiwald, Sodom's new drummer

Tom spoke mostly in English, but sometimes he adressed the crowd in German. There were probably a few German fans there, as Eindhoven is not far from the border.

There was one new guy in the band. Bobby Schottkowski left Sodom in late 2010, so he has been replaced by Markus "Makka" Freiwald.

He's the youngest member of the band and I think he did a good job on drums: fast, groovy and precise.

Bernemann live with Sodom in Eindhoven

It's really cool to a player like Bernd "Bernemann" Kost on stage. He smiles a lot and gets close to the audience. It's always a pleasure to see a musician enjoying so much a show.

Tom played the last five songs with his old red Ibanez bass guitar. He told us that he has it almost since the begining of the band!

Sodom live in Holland, Live... In War And Pieces Tour

The last song was Bombenhagel and there were no encores after this one. It was a 1 hour 20 minutes thrash discharge.

Well, even if had planned to see Helloween that saturday night, I was lucky to find a Sodom show instead.
Sodom headlining tours are generally short and they never get anywhere wear from where I live.
I spent a great saturday night, and I'm looking forward to see them again at the Hellfest in the summer!

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Setlist Sodom – Dynamo Club - Eindhoven, The Netherlands – February 5 2011

01. In War And Pieces
02. Sodomy And Lust
03. M-16
04. Outbreak Of Evil
05. The Saw Is The Law
06. Nucelar Winter
07. Proselytism Real
08. Eat Me
09. City Of God
10. The Vice Of Killing
11. Blasphemer
12. The Art Of Killing Poetry
13. Agent Orange
14. Wachtturm
15. Ausgebombt
16. Remember The Fallen
17. Bombenhagel

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Sodom Line-up:

Tom Angelripper – Vocals / Bass
Bernemann – Guitars
Markus "Makka" Freiwald – Drums
 Tom Angelripper playing his good old bass - Sodom live in Eindhoven
Bernemann at Dynamo Club - Sodom live in Eindhoven
Code Red! Sodom live in concert
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