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Olympia Bruno Coquatrix Hall - Paris, France
May 19, 2010

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Matthias Jabs and Klaus Meine from the back of the stage

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Scorpions Farewell Tour stopped in Paris for an incredible show!

It's frustrating to know that a band in such a good shape and with such a good show will stop soon! Well, in any case it's great to see them at their best!

Klaus Meine from The Scorpions

The Olympia is a mythical venue and the show was completely sold out. And for good reason: I don't think there was a better venue to celebrate a Farewell Tour.

The sound was magnificent, as usual at the Olympia.
The lightshow was also great, with many different colours changing on almost every song.

Rudolf, Matthias and Paweł from The Scorpions live in Paris

Rudolf Schenker has an huge guitar collection, and tonight he showed us some of his most exclusive models... some of them sponsored by car brands!

He had a Ferrari guitar, a Mercedes Benz guitar and a guitar with some kind on engines!

Matthias Jabs and his zebra guitar -  Scorpions live in concert

The setlist was very similar to the one in Mons, but they changed some tunes, as well as the order of a couple of songs.
It was a little bit less risky and perhaps more predictable: Exit Always Somewhere and Animal Magnetism, and welcome back Is There Anybody There.
The most enjoyable thing was to see that the band changes the setlist from one concert to the other.

Paweł Mąciwoda - The Scorpions live at the Olympia

The whole band seemed to have fun on stage.
While Rudolf showcased his guitar collection, Matthias had a more discrete smile.
Paweł Mąciwoda was the one pullin faces while playing.
In the meantime, Klaus Meine used his clear and melodic voice to assure a performance full of emotions. This was especially true during the slow songs, that the audience helped him sing loud.
And the man behing the drumkit? we'll he's the craziest uy in the band!

Rock n' Roll Forever James Kottak shirt - Kottak Attack

At the Olympia Hall we could clairly see the movies playing while James does his Kottak Attack drum solo.

There are short movies illustrating the covers of some Scorpions records and James Kottak is the actor!

For example, he's in the middle of the desert and opens the Crazy World door. He's at the hospital and is treated like the man in the cover of Blackout.

Rock n' Roll Forever James Kottak tattoo - Kottak Attack

Then, he's inside a cage with animals watching him from outside, like in the cover of Pure Instinct.

At the end of the drum solo, he stood up on his drum and showed the back of his shirt, that read "You Kick Ass".

He took this t-shirt off and... He had another one reading "Rock & Roll Forever".
And when he took this shirt off... We saw his Rock & Roll Forever tattoo!

Blackout! Rudolf Schenker like the album cover

Right after that, the rest of the band came out again and played the song Blackout... And this time, Rudolf had a mask like in the album cover!

They continued with Big City Nights, and by the end of the song, we had the great surprise to see the human pyramid built by Rudolph, Matthias and Klaus!

The show ended with 3 of their biggest hits and everyone at the Olympia had a smile in his face.

The Scorpions and the Olympia Hall in Paris organizer

We all know that The Scorpions Farewell Tour will last for 3 years, so this was for sure not the last time the band played in Paris... But it was certainly one of the best!
Bercy has been booked for November 2011. I'm sure it will be a good show, but of course, less intimate too.
The band will do a huge French Tour in 2011 and I'm planning to attend the Scorpions concert in Bordeaux too.

Klaus Meine and Matthias Jabs - The Scorpions live at the Olympia Hall in Paris

I'll try to see Scorpions rocking at least a couple of times more before they quit, but this gig will certainly remain one of my best memories!

But wait, as they say in the last song from the Sting In The Tail album: The Best Is Yet To Come!

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Setlist The Scorpions – Olympia Hall - Paris, France – May 19, 2010

01. Sting In The Tail
02. Make It Real
03. Bad Boys Running Wild
04. Is There Anybody There
05. The Zoo
06. Coast To Coast
07. Loving You Sunday Morning
08. We'll Burn The Sky
09. The Best Is Yet To Come
10. Send Me An Angel
11. Holiday
12. The Good Die Young
13. Raised on Rock
14. Tease Me Please Me
15. 321
-- Drum Solo: Kottak Attack --
16. Blackout
17. Big City Nights
18. Still Loving You
19. Wind Of Change
20. Rock You Like A Hurricane

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The Scorpions Line-up:

Klaus Meine – Vocals
Matthias Jabs – Guitars
Rudolf Schenker – Guitars
Paweł Mąciwoda – Bass
James Kottak – Drums
The Scorpions live in Paris
Rudolf Schenker and his acoustic V guitar
Ferrari flying V - The Scorpions live in Paris
Klaus Meine and James Kottak - The Scorpions live in Paris
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