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Lotto Mons Expo - Mons, Belgium
April 10, 2010

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Power Prog and Metal Festival at Lotto Mons Expo

Scorpions have already announced their Farewell Tour... It will last for about 3 years, but it started right here!

The first date of the tour was held in the city of Mons, in Belgium, withing the frame of the Power Prog and Metal Festival!

Mons is just at the Belgian border so we went there with a few friends. Mons Lotto Expo is a conventions centre located just outside town.

Well, more than a festival, it was like Scorpions plus 17 opening acts... I didn't see them all, but Pagan's Mind did quite well, and AC/DC's tribute band Machine Gun was a nice surprise as an aftershow.

Klaus Meine - Scorpions live at Mons Expo

According to a interview with Michael Schenker, the first Scorpions concerts outside Germany were played in Belgium. So what a better place to start their Farewell Tour?

After a short Intro the five guys were on stage, and the whole Arena became euphoric, as we all had been awaiting this moment for the whole day!

Rudolf Schenker - Scorpions live at Mons Expo

They had prepared a great show for that night: the light show was really impressive, with spots from several colours everywhere.
There were two ramps, one on each side of the stage, where the musicians could walk and be closer to the audience.

There were also big screens on the back, showing images from the show, or other short films to illustrate the songs.

Matthias Jabs on guitars: Scorpions live at Mons Expo

Scorpions' setlist was studied to please everyone. Classics like Big City Nights and Tease Me Please Me were there, unforgettable ballads like Winds Of Change or Still Loving You, some rare tunes like Animal Magnetism, titles from the new album like Raised on Rock and Sting in The Tail, and of course the famous hyms like Blackout or Rock You like a Hurricane.

Kottak Attack: James Kottak with Scorpions

Also, James Kottak's drum was elevated, so he's the band member everyone could see during the whole show.

He did a great drum solo, accurately named Kottak Attack.

At the end of it, he stood up un his drum showing the back of his shirt, which read "Rock n'Roll Forever". Then he took his T-shirt off and... he had exactly the same sentece tattoed on his back!
That's something impressive, and he's the only one who can do it!

For more info on him and his other band, visit James Kottak website and James Kottak My Space.

Paweł Maciwoda with Scorpions

All the musicians gave a great performance. That was specially impressive for Klaus Maine, whose voice is still so strong afer so many years.

Only Rudolf Schenker was a bit calm. Usually he runs during the whole show around the stage, but this time he didn't move that much. Probably it's just a matter of time until he gets in the mood for the tour.

Paweł Maciwoda, Michael Scenker, Matthias Jabs and Klaus Meine: Scorpions live in concert

Klaus Meine adressed to the audience in English, but sometimes he used a couple French words.

He even said "Bonsoir La France, Bonsoir la Belgique!". Yeah, the border is just a few miles away and some folks were coming from the neighbouring country.

So, what can I say? This was the begining of the end! Scorpions last tour is on, so don't miss them, because you won't have another chance!

Scorpions live in Belgium

So... thanks to The Scorpions for delivering such a good show that night, congratulations to the PPM Fest for the organization...

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Setlist Scorpions – Lotto Mons Expo, Mons, Belgium – April 10, 2010

01. Sting In The Tail
02. Make It Real
03. Bad Boys Running Wild
04. Loving You Sunday Morning
05. The Zoo
06. Coast To Coast
07. Animal Magnetism
08. We'll Burn The Sky
09. Always Somewhere
10. Send Me An Angel
11. Holiday
12. Raised on Rock
13. The Good Die Young
14. Tease Me Please Me
15. 321
-- Drum Solo: Kottak Attack --
16. Blackout
17. Big City Nights
18. Still Loving You
19. Wind Of Change
20. Rock You Like A Hurricane

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Scorpions Line-up:

Klaus Meine - Vocals
Matthias Jabs - Guitars
Rudolf Schenker - Guitars
Paweł Mąciwoda - Bass
James Kottak - Drums
Klaus Maine pointing at a Scorpions fan
Scorpions live at Mons Expo
James Kottak and Michael Schenker live
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