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Fnac Montparnasse - Paris, France
January 28 2012

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Poster for Satan Jokers and Laurent Karila at the Fnac Montparnasse

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To me, Satan Jokers is the finest Heavy Metal band from France.

They've just released a new album called Addictions.

The concept of this new album is very interesting. As the title suuggests, it's about drugs. But the lyrics were not written by the band members, but by by Dr. Laurent Karila, a renowned addiction psychiatrist.

One word about the promotion of this record. Satan Jokers is a legendary metal band in France. They might not be popular abroad, but in France every metalhead knows their name.
So, why this album didn't get a real release party concert in Paris? There was concert called the in a town called Cergy, where the band played the whole album, backed by tons of visual effects. But this was made at a small venue in a small city. I couldn't go because lack of public transport...
So, my question is: Are they going to do something similar in Paris? Where are all the Satan Jokers fans? Why the metal don't support their local bands?

Satan Jokers with Laurent Karila at the Fnac Montparnasse

Well, this wasn't a real concert. It was more like an argumentary and a presentation of the band's point of view on drugs, backed by Mr Karila's research, with a few songs to illustrate the whole thing.

The setlist comprised only four songs, which of course wasn't enough to show the talent the musicians or to represent the album.

Anyway, it was very interesting to have the point of view of an artist, plus the point of view of a scientist on today's subjects: drugs and addictions.

Renaud Hantson and Pascal Mulot: Satan Jokers live in Paris

The people participated and asked many questions, some hypothetical, other based on real experiences.
If you're interested in the sbuject you really should get the album. There's a lot of research on it: musically, lyrically, philosophically, and... don't forget that a doctor wrote the lyrics!

It was good that Satan Jokers made this acoustic show, but I'm willing to see a real electric show from this band.
Sure they can play somewhere larger than the Fnac!

After the concert, I took the subway to attend another concert, the irosh rock band The Answer.

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Setlist Satan Jokers – Fnac Montparnasse - Paris, France – January 28 2012

01. Substance Récompense
02. Une semaine en Enfer
03. Euphorie
04. Lune de Miel

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Satan Jokers Line-up:

Renaud Hantson – Vocals
Michaël Zurita – Guitars
Pascal Mulot – Bass
Laurent Karila – Songwritter
Satan Jokers at La Fnac Montparnasse
Michaël Zurita from Satan Jokers
renaud Hantson and Pascal Mulot rom Satan Jokers
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