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Release date: October 7 2013

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Genre: Hard Rock
Metal Traveller Rating: (4,5/5 - Already a classic)

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Running Wild Resilient album cover

Resilient: A person or animal able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions.
That’s the title of the new Running Wild album, and it’s totally accurate!

Let’s be honest, I am a huge Running Wild fan. For this reason, you might think that this review wouldn’t be objective. That’s wrong, I expect a lot from the bands I love. Despite being a Running Wild fan, I never really got into the album Shadowmaker. Same for the previous one, Rogues en Vogue, I felt something was missing.

Well, if you also felt like this, let me tell you something: Resilient is the Running Wild album that fans have been waiting for years!


Let’s put it simple, Resilient is the best Running Wild album since The Rivalry!
Musical tastes are subjective, but I consider The Rivalry as one of the best Running Wild records, along with Black Hand Inn and Under Jolly Roger. Do you like these albums too? Then you will love Resilient!

Do not let yourself go by the first impression, which is the cover. By far, it’s not the best Running Wild artwork, so let’s get into the music.

It starts with Soldier Of Fortune, a fast song that goes straight to the point: it says Running Wild is back… and then comes the title track comes, Resilient, a mid tempo song that confirms the fact that Running Wild is alive and well! Oh, did I mentioned that Rock'n'Rolf's voice sounds incredible?

And so goes the album, each song has something special and unique. Adventure Highway is a fast song with a killer guitar riff and a great solo. Raise the volume and start to headbang!

The Drift has the typical Running Wild swing that make you jump all over the place, and a chorus that will easily stick to your mind! Same for Crystal Gold, a great mid tempo song with a catchy chorus.

Fireheart is classic song with a guitar riff somewhere between Rock’n’Roll and Heavy Metal, while Run Riot will certainly become a classic thanks to its melody and its guitar solo.

Only Down To The Wire has a less high level than the other tracks, but this is no problem, as the album contains two epic tunes that will instantly earn a place in the heart of every Running Wild fan: Desert Rose and Bloody Island.

Desert Rose is an amazing mid-tempo song, with the kind of guitar melodies so characteristic from this band that creates a unique atmosphere. Somehow it reminds me of The Ballad Of William Kid.

Resilient ends with Bloody Island, a 10 minute march that gets straight to the heart. It’s on a similar line as high level songs such as The Battle Of Waterloo, The Brotherhood or Genesis (The Making And The Fall Of Man). Totally delicious!

Once the album is over, there’s a familiar “I want more” felling, and there’s no better choice than listening to it again and again.
It’s been a long time since I didn’t enjoy a Running Wild album that much!
One mystery remains... who the hell plays drums on the record? We'll know when it's released.

Anyway, no matter what Running Wild went through, the band is Resilient, and it's strong as steel.

Rock’n’Rolf is back! Running Wild is back! With great inspiration and songs that will make you raise your fist!

Running Wild Rock'n'Rolf
Picture: Promo SPV Records

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Running Wild Line-up:

Rock'n'Rolf – Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Peter Jordan – Guitars
? – Drums

Running Wild Links:

Running Wild Website
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Running Wild iTunes downloads

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Tracklist Running Wild - Resilient

01. Soldiers Of Fortune
02. Resilient
03. Adventure Highway
04. The Drift
05. Desert Rose
06. Fireheart
07. Run Riot
08. Down To The Wire
09. Crystal Gold
10. Bloody Island
11. Payola & Shenanigans (bonus track)
12. Premonition (bonus track)

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