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Release date: October 7 2013

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Genre: Soft Rock
Metal Traveller Rating: (3,5/5 - Killer)

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Robert Dahlqvist Solo album cover

Since Robert Dahlqvist left the Hellacopters, he’s been busy with several projects, especially Thunder Express and Dundertåget. But he has also been writting some different material that has landed on his first solo album, soberly called Solo.

Solo is a surprising and unexpected record. You won’t find any pure rock songs like in other bands where Robert has performed. Solo feels like an introspection, a very emotional and personal record.


The record is in Swedish, so I don’t understand a thing of what Robert is singing about, but my feeling is that his personal life experiences were his main inspiration. Robert says he’s very proud of the lyrics, but as I don’t understand them, I certainly can’t get the whole meaning of the songs.

So, let’s concentrate in this universal language called music. I can sense some melancholy in most songs, and the vintage sound emphasizes this fact. They have managed to create such a unique sound that I had the impression of having Robert playing at home. In fact, there are several acoustic songs and I can easily imagine Robert playing them in the living room next to a fire on a winter night.

Songs like Jag Va Kött Och Blod, Det Tog En Lång Tid or Ej Med Flit feel rather sad, just like the instrumental number called Ingrid Isabel.

The last song the record, Åker Tåg, is another melancholic one, but it goes way beyond the others, because of its beautiful melody. It’s perfect for the end of the record, and it even would be perfect for the end credits of a movie.

But this is not at acoustic record, there are also some good soft rock songs. My favourite one is Vi Tar Båten, which has a great catchy melody and a good swing. Inte En Dag is another really good tune.

Redo Nån Gång and Sneseglaren are two more traditional rock songs, the ones that would remind you, if you need to, that Robert Dahlqvist has a rocker soul.

I think that Solo is a very good record but it’s definitely not an album for everyone.
When an artist explores a more intimate side of his creativity, he goes where many fans don’t expect him.
It has happened before, when influential artists such as Steve Harris, Uli Jon Roth or Michael Kiske have made solo efforts.

Don’t expect a typical record that sounds like anything Robert Dahlqvist has done before. Seat down, relax, and enjoy!

Robert Dahlqvist
Picture: Promo Despotz Records/ Cargo

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Tracklist Robert Dahlqvist - Solo

01. Jag Va Kött Och Blod
02. Det Tog En Lång Tid
03. Redo Nån Gång
04. Vi Tar Båten
05. Ingrid Isabel
06. Sneseglaren
07. Inte En Dag
08. Ta Det Kallt
09. Det E Hon
10. Ej Med Flit
11. Åker Tåg

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  < Album Reviews > Robert Dahlqvist On Tour 2012 >
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