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Gamble Shot
Release date: June 24 2013

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Genre: Hard Rock
Metal Traveller Rating: (3,5/5 - Very good)

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Rebellious Spirit Gamble Shot album cover

Straight from southern Germany, here's A young band that is starting to make its own way into Heavy music: Rebellious Spirit.

Their first record is called Gamble Shot, and it's full of good Hard Rock song with Glam and Sleaze influences. This introduction might remind the band Kissin' Dynamite, but Rebellious Spirit has more Ratt, H.E.AT. or Poison influences and less from AC/DC.


First, it's a pleasure to hear a young band playing this kind of music. The oldest member of the band is Jens Fisher on bass, and he's only 20! His brother Jannik is the singer, guitar player and main composer, and he's only 17!
Who said that classic rock was something from the past?

But Rebellious Spirit are not only young, they're also full of inspiration, and Gamble Shot had some real good tunes. The songs aren't basic, there are many riff changes of lots of creative melodies.

From the beginning, Let's Bring Back is a song that gets you in the mood. Then there's Sweet Access Right, which is probably the catchiest song of the album. You'll instantly want to sing the chorus!
Lights Out, with its riff and its chorus, was definitely made to be performed live. It's the kind of song that makes you want to sing. By the way, they just released a video clip for this one. Check it out.
Forever Young is a hymn that will make anyone feel like being 20, even those who already listened to this kind of music in the middle of the 80's.
And for the last song, there couldn't be a better choice than another catchy song: Rock It.

So, what we have is a new band delivering a very inspired first record. Nevertheless, I must say that there's a problem with the production. The album sounds clean, there's no doubt about that. Maybe even too clean. So clean that we could almost skip the word "Rebellious" from the name of the band.
Let's say it sounds "friendly", just like the faces of the band members shown on the cover of the record.
They would've hurt a fly, we're not talking about Mötley Crüe here!

Most of the songs could make it to the radio, and I'll be happy for them if this happens, but I think the sound is not punchy enough.

That said, Gamble Shot is an excellent record to start a career, musically speaking.
Many bands would have loved to compose such songs for their first record!

One thing is sure, you will hear about Rebellious Spirit on the years to come!

So, let's bring it back and... Rock It!!

Rebellious Spirit the band
Picture: Promo SPV Records

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Rebellious Spirit Line-up:

Jannik Fischer – Vocals, Guitar
Corvin Domhardt – Guitar
Jens Fischer – Bass
Silvio Bizer – Drums

Rebellious Spirit Links:

Rebellious Spirit Website
Rebellious Spirit CDs on
Rebellious Spirit iTunes downloads

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Tracklist Rebellious Spirit

01. Let`s Bring Back
02. Sweet Access Right
03. Cry For You
04. Change The World
05. Lights Out
06. Gone Wild
07. Don`t Leave Me
08. You`re Not The Only One
09. Forever Young
10. Rock it

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