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Bercy Arena - Paris, France
March 6 2012

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Rammstein live in Paris

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Arguably, Rammstein concerts are some of the best rock shows in the world!
It doesn’t matter if you like their music or not, there are enough bands for every taste.
It’s about the show, and Rammstein are the masters when they comes to play live!

Breathing fire: Feuer Frei!

Rammstein were promoting their "Best Of" Album called Made In Germany. We were honoured with a "Best Of" concert from every point of view.

First, the setlist. It was a collection of songs that are already considered classics.
Sehnsucht, Links, Du Hast, Amerika, Mein Herz Brennt, Du Riechst So Gut...
Quite strange, the song Rammstein was not played.

Rammstein cooking Mein Teil

Second, let’s talk about the the visual effects.

As the song Rammstein was not played, Till didn’t wear the flammable jacket.
Also, they didn’t play Ich tu dir weh, so we didn’t have the pyro on Flake’s bathtub, which is in my opinion one of the best visual effects Rammstein has ever done.

Richard Z. Kruspe, Paul H. Landers, Oliver Riedel live in Paris, France

But let’s focus on what we actually saw, and it was amazing!

Rammstein brought everything we could expect: Masks breathing fire during Feuer Frei, huge wings on fire during Engel, Till the butcher cooking Flake during Mein Teil... and of course, the dicks during Bück Dich and Pussy.

These effects were already used on previous tours, but who cares? It was thrilling to see them again!

Flake thecrowdsurfer Seeman

They also brought some new things, especially a bridge over the audience that they used during the intro.

Later, they used the bridge again to get to a small central stage in the middle of the audience, from where they played 3 songs: Bück Dich, Mann megen Mann and the ballad One Dich.

From the central stage Christoph "Doom" Schneider was dressed like an old psychopathic woman and walked through the bridge the other members of the band like dogs.
All except Richard Z. Kruspe who was already thrilling the crowds with the intro of Bück Dich.
Rammstein live in France

After this they got backstage for a few minutes... but the show wasn't over!
They came back for a 5 song encore, including only hits!

After a festive version of Pussy with the people in the first rows bathed with by foam, the band thanked the crowds and now we all thought the how was over...

Rammstein live in Paris Bercy

But then we heard Till's sounding like a voice rom beyond the grave, asking "Paris, vous voulez une autre chanson?"
And so they came back and played Frühling In Paris, for the first time on this tour!
That was a hell of a gift, a perfect way to end a hell of a concert.
The next evening Rammstein was again in town? I couldn't resist to go back!
Read here the review of Rammstein's second night in Paris.

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Setlist Rammstein – Bercy Arena - Paris, France – March 6 2012

01. Sonne
02. Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen
03. Keine Lust
04. Sehnsucht
05. Asche zu Asche
06. Feuer Frei!
07. Mutter
08. Mein Teil
09. Du Riechst So Gut
10. Links 2-3-4
11. Du Hast
12. Haifisch
13. Bück Dich
14. Mann Gegen Mann
15. Ohne Dich
16. Mein Herz Brennt
17. Amerika
18. Ich Will
19. Engel
20. Pussy
21. Frühling In Paris

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Rammstein Line-up:

Till Lindemann – Vocals
Richard Z. Kruspe – Guitars
Paul H. Landers – Guitars
Oliver "Ollie" Riedel – Bass
Christoph "Doom" Schneider – Drums
Christian "Flake" Lorenz – Keyboards
Engel on fire
Rammstein in France, live in Paris
Till Lindemann.. pussy and foam!
Till bathing the crowds in foam
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