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Bercy Arena - Paris, France
March 7 2012

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Feuer Frei with fire masks - Rammstein live in Paris, March 7

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During the Made In germany Tour, Rammstein played in Paris for two nights in a row.
If you read the review from the first night, you'll see that the temptation of seeing them again was hard to resist...

Let the fire come to me! Rammstein live in Paris

Bercy was full and sold out again. Its not often that I've seen so many people here.

So Paris loves Rammstein, there's no doubt about it.
And Rammstein loves Paris too!
There were several professional cameras around so both shows in Paris were filmed.
Do they plan to release it on DVD? Wait and see, but there's a persisten rumor that they will.

Fire! Rammstein live in Paris

As the previous day I was down on the pit, I decided to watch the show from the left balcony, in order to have a better impression of what happened on stage.
But after a few songs, I couldn't resist and got down again to be in the middle of the euphoric crowd.

Oh yeah, the crowds were truly amazing. There was a total communion between the band and the fans! It was something really special, that's not seen on every concert. Rammstein fans were one with the band!

Seemann or Haifisch? Flake Lorenz on the boat

It is usual that Till doesn't talk to the audience during the show. The songs are played one after another and the impressive visual effects plus the blasting sound don't make you think about it.
But Rammstein have different ways to communicate with the audience. They do it without words.
For example, everybody shouts and sings, without being asked to, during Links or Ich Will.
Also, with Flake on a boat during Haifish, they closer to their audience than most bands of their size.
But a few words in French do the best effect! The "suce ma bite" during the intro of Ich Will surprised and delighted everyone who paid attention!

Walking the dogs

On of the most thrilling parts of the show is when they go to a central stage, wlaked like dogs by drummer Christoph Schneider.

They couldn't just "go" to a central stage, they need ed something huge to happen while they do this.

But Rammstein's trademark, fire, couldn't be used here for security reasons. That's no problem for them, Rammstein will always find a surprise that the excited crowd will never forget!

The dogs on the central stage

Once on the small central stage, it was like "back to basics".
I mean, "back to basics" but still Rammstein-style!

They know it was too hot in the pit so they decided to refresh the audience with some white-coloured water during Bück Dich.
If you don't see what I mean, search youtube for a live performance of Bück Dich!

After 3 songs, they crossed they bridge again to get to the main stage, while saluting the audience.
This would have been an apotheosic way to finish the concert, but many good songs were still unheard.
They came back for the encores, with a bunch of hits, backed by pyro and impressive effects.

We all were knocked out, but Till asked if we'd like another song... And he said it in French! Rammstein don't talk a lot on stage but they certainly know how to talk to the audience!

They ended with Frühling In Paris. Paris is they only city where this number was played on this tour... I'd say, we deserved it!

Greetings from the bridge
Rammstein playing in Paris Bercy

It's not clear what happened tonight. Was it an earthquake? Or was it just Rammstein? Whatever it was, it shook Bercy from the core!

It's likely that we'll see this show on DVD someday. I hope they will, That would be a great way to remember those magic moments!

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