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Primal Fear
SwedenRock Festival - Sölvesborg, Sweden
June 5 2008

Randy Black and Ralph Schepers from Primal Fear, live in Sweden

After a couple of hours we returned to the festival site to see Primal Fear.

I hadnít see them in a while, maybe 3 years, so I was really looking forward to see their show.

They delivered a great concert in front of maybe 2000 to 3000 fans.

Matt Sinner and Ralph Schepers of Primal Fear at Sweden Rock Fest
Ralph Schepers wore a Sweden Football shirt on stage, which was of course welcomed by the audience. Moreover Magnus Karlsson, Primal fear’s guitar player, is Swedish so it was like playing at home. He was also wearing a Swedish shirt by the end of the show.

Primal Fear has also a lot of energy in concert, it’s really a band worth seeing live if they go to your town. Even if you don’t have their albums, Primal Fear in concert is always good.
Primal Fear Live in Sweden
Set List Primal Fear - Sölvesborg, Sweden, June 5, 2008:

01.Sign Of Fear
02.Silver & Gold
03.Running In The Dust
04.Nuclear Fire
05.Face The Emptiness
06.Seven Seals
07.Angel In Black
- Guitar Solos -
08.Under Your Spell
09.Demons And Angels
10.Fighting The Darkness
11.Final Embrace
12.Metal Is Forever
Primal Fear Sweden Rock 2008
Thanks to all! Primal Fear Sweden Rock 2008


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Line up:

Ralph Schepers - Vocals
Matt Sinner - Bass
Magnus Karlsson - Guitar
Henny Wolter - Guitar
Randy Black - Drums