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L'Orange Bleue - Vitry Le François, France
May 2, 2010

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Paul Di Anno live at The L'Orange Bleue

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Paul DiAnno making a French Tour? That was something really exceptionnal! An ooportunity not to be missed but he didn't play in Paris... So we decided with some friends to go to the 3 shows close to Paris!

Paul Di Anno in Vitry Le François, near Paris

This was my first time in Vitry Le François, which is a couple of hours by car from Paris.
We arrived about half and hour before the show.

L'Orange Bleue is a nice venue, with very friendly staff and reasonably priced beer and drinks.

There was people coming from Paris and other nearby cities for the gig. But there were also families with their kids, people on their sunday day out that were just curious about the event.

Stéphane Honde in concert with Paul Di Anno

The day before, Paul DiAnno played Santeny. The concert was at a lousy pub restaurant and the atmosphere was strange (but unique! A night to remember!).

So, today it was a real show at a normal concert hall!

The concert started with The Ides of March and Wratchild. Right after that, Paul told us that the day before he played in a restaurant, for the first time in his life, and it was his worst concert ever!

The sound was good, but not well balanced: the guitar was louder than the other instruments.

This wasn't really an issue, the whole band played wiith great energy today.

Paul Dianno live in France with Sylvain Terminiello

A nice gesture from Paul was that dedicated Remember Tomorrow to "his brother" Clive Burr, the former Iron Maiden drummer who's been dealing with healt issues for several years.

Paul DiAnno's backing band is called The Stars, and they're Maiden fans.
Playing on stage with one of your idols must have been a dream come true to them, so you can imagine they were giving it all!

Sylvain Terminiello, Paul Dianno and Denis Baruta from Paul Di Anno

Iron Maiden songs are not easy to play, so it wasn't always perfect. But it was good! I remember the first time I saw Paul DiAnno, in Wacken 2001: his backing band was a complete mess!
I think the guys of The Stars did a good job. Unfortunately, I think the band split a few months after this tour.

Andy Brown playing keyboards - Paul Di Anno live at The L'Orange Bleue

Only half of the songs on the setlist were Iron Maiden covers. It was great to hear tunes like Children of Madness or Marshall Lockjaw.
There was also a song by The Stars (cowritten with Paul DiAnno) called F**k You All.
That's a song we will probably never hear again, so it was an exclusive privilege for this French Tour!
He dedicated the song to all the California plastic faces he hates!

Matt Letley from Paul Di Anno on drums

After the show, Paul allowed the fans to come backstage and signed everything they wanted.

People just had to stay on the line, and little by little he saw everyone.
This meet & greet session lasted for about an hour.

This is an artist that respects his fans!

Paul Di Anno live in Vitry Le François, near Paris

Of the 3 Paul DiAnno shows I saw on this tour, this one was the best from the performance point of view.

Five days later, we went to see Paul DiAnno again, in the town of Vauréal.
Click here for some pics of Paul DiAnno in Vauréal.

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Setlist Paul Di Anno – L'Orange Bleue, Vitry Le François, France – May 2, 2010

01. The Ides Of March
02. Wratchild
03. Prowler
04. Marshall Lockjaw
05. Murders In The RUe Morgue
06. The Beast Arises
07. Children Of Madness
08. Remember Tomorrow
09. Impaler
10. Faith Healer
11. A Song For You
12. Transylvania
13. Killers
14. Phantom Of The Opera
15. Running Free
16. F**k You All
17. Blitzkrieg Bop
18. Iron Maiden

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Paul Di Anno Line-up (French Tour 2010):

Paul Di Anno – Vocals
Stéphane Honde – Guitars
Denis Baruta – Guitars
Sylvain Terminiello – Bass
Manu Lamic – Drums
Manu Lamic, Paul DiAnno and Sylvain Terminiello - Paul Di Anno live in Vitry Le François, near Paris
Paul Di Anno live in Vitry Le François, near Paris
Paul Di Anno live in Vitry Le François, near Paris
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