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Divan du Monde - Paris, France
March 21 2012

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Patrick Rondat live in Paris

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Patrick Rondat is the French Guitar Hero.
He might not be very well known abroad, but he's a really talented guy. He has released a bunch on very good albums, and played with some excellent musicians, including Satriani, Vai, Schenker and Uli Roth on the 1998 G-3 Tour.
I've attended a Master class with Patrick and saw him with Consortium Project, it was the first time I was seeing him with his solo band.

Patrice Guers lve at Le Divan du Monde in Paris

Tonight, Patrick was opening for Tony Macalpine in Paris.
He came on stage very relaxed, to play for an already coquered audience. After all, he was playing an intimate show in his own hometown.
Patrick is very communicative and between the songs, it was a real dialogue between the audience and him.
He didn't hesitate to reply with humor to the requests of the fans.
Several jokes gave the concert a relaxed atmosphere.

Manu Martin on keybooards with Patrick Rondat

But when it comes to play guitar, Patrick and his band get serious and leave jokes behind. They're all very professional musicians, with a high level of technique.

Although the sound was not really good, everyone was staring at Patrick's fingers moving fast, while listening to the melodies. He really is impressive, and doesn't leave forget about the melody, no matter how fast he plays.

Dirk Bruinenberg on drums

Slap-bass master Patrice Guers was here too. Many have seen him on stage with Rhapsody, but tonight he could express much more of his talent. His bass solo on Ladyboy was simply outstanding.

The rhythm section was completed by Dirk Bruinenberg, a high skilled drummer that has played with Patrick in several projects like Elegy and Consortium Project.

Manu Martin was in charge of Keyboards, samples and the general atmosphere.

Patrick Rondat live in Paris Divan du Monde

Some of the best moments of the show were Amphibia part 4, the masterpiece Nuages, and of course, the Vivaldi Tribute!
The Presto Movement from Vivaldi's Summer is just perfect for an electric guitar, and Patrick does a great job with it!

There were many musicians in the crowd tonight, and I'm pretty sure that quite a ffew hd seen Patrick before. Nevertheless, by the expression in their faces, I saw that many people was impressed.
And that's normal, after all, Patrick represents the Guitar Hero with a French Touch.

Patrick Rondat and Patrice Guers

Seeing Patrick Rondat on stage with such an enthousistic crowd was a great moment!
And the evening was just begining, another guitar lesson was coming next with Tony Macalpine!
Click here for some Tony Macalpine pics and a review.

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Setlist Patrick Rondat – Le Divan du Monde – Paris, France – March 21 2012

01. Ultimate Dreams
02. Mindscape
03. Born to Buy
04. Amphibia Part 4
05. Donkeys Island
06. Ladyboy (Bass solo)
07. Tethys
08. Nuages
09. Vivaldi Tribute (Presto, 3rd movement from Concerto No. 2 in G minor, Op. 8, RV 315, L'estate, from The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi)
10. Burn Out
11. Barbarians at The Gates

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Patrick Rondat Line-up:

Patrick Rondat – Guitars
Patrice Guers – Bass
Dirk Bruinenberg – Drums
Manu Martin – Keyboards
Patrick Rondat in concert
Patrick Rondat and his band
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