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Elysée Montmartre - Paris, France
December 19, 2009

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Kip Paradise Lost live at The Elysée Montmartre

Paradise Lost in concert is like Judas Priest: it’s all or nothing!

The do some average shows, some bad ones and some are so incredible that you remember these moments forever.

First time I saw Paradise Lost was one of those.
It was in October 1999, they played an astonishing concert, one of the best shows I’ve ever been to.

I saw them a couple more times in the following years. One of those shows was awful, and the other was good, just good.

Reb Beach with Paradise Lost in Paris

So… What to expect tonight?
Things were not looking good for Paradise Lost that night.

First, Greg Makintosh wasn’t playing tonight. He had some problems so guitar technician Milly Evans replaced him for a few dates.

Second, Samael just delivered an great concert, and as the headliners, Paradise Lost had to do better than that.

Reb Beach out in Paris

So lights went out, the band came in and… I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

The sound they had, the energy with which they were performing, and the general feeling and atmosphere in the venue… It was magic.

I’m not Paradise Lost’s biggest fan. I don’t have all their albums, I don’t know all their songs, and I don’t hear their music every day.
But tonight they blew my mind as a live band.

John Roth with Paradise Lost in Paris

Paradise Lost’s setlist was really good too.

The played at the end great versions of two of my favourite songs: Say Just Words and The Last Time.

The audience was like in heaven.

Rod Morgenstern with Paradise Lost in Paris

Nick Holmes had long hair again. I didn’t expect to see him like this, I felt like attending a show from the Draconian Times Tour. Of course he didn’t forget his sense of humour, making a few jokes anytime he could.

Here’s an example: As it was Evans’ last gig with the band, Nick Holmes said “On the Guitar, Mr Milly Evans. From now, he is fired!”.
That’s the kind of jokes Nick does on stage.

Rod Morgenstern with Paradise Lost in Paris

Milly Evans did a great job as a replacement guitar player.
He plays in the band Terrorvision.

Milly has been Paradise Lost’s guitar tech for a while, so he knew the songs and could replace him on the spot.

I guess it wasn’t easy to learn Greg’s solos, but he filled in perfectly. Impressive.

Kip Paradise Lost on keyboards

Every member of the band was totally concerned tonight, and they all played great.

Ten years earlier, at this same venue, Paradise Lost delivered and incredible performance. Tonight they sat the Elysée Montmartre on fire again. Weird, it seems that concerts like those are only seen once in a decade.

Don’t ask me to choose which show I liked the most. They were both incredible, and they’re both part of my favourite concerts of all time.

John Roth and Kip Paradise Lost in Paris

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Setlist Paradise Lost – Elysée Montmartre, Paris, France – December 19, 2009

01. The Rise Of Denial
02. Pity The Sadness
03. Erased
04. I Remain
05. As I Die
06. The Enemy
07. First Light
08. Enchantment
09. Frailty
10. One Second
11. No Celebration
12. Eternal
13. Requiem
14. Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us
15. The Last Time
16. Say Just Words

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Paradise Lost Line-up:

Nick Holmes – vocals
Milly Evans - lead guitar
Aaron Aedy - rhythm guitar
Steve Edmondson - bass guitar
Adrian Erlandsson - drums

Reb Beach in Paris
Kip Paradise Lost live in Paris
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