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Release date: September 20 2013

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Genre: Thrash Metal

Onslaught - VI
Metal Traveller Rating: 4,5/5 Already a Classic

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Onslaught VI album cover

Onlaught strikes again! VI is the name of the new assault by the British Thrash Metal masters.

Onslaught have become one of the most powerful Thrash Metal acts since their return in 2005 and indeed, VI is a pure Thrash Metal record.
No compromise. It sounds angry, but also stylish. It sounds modern, yet you will find hints to the old school codes that shaped the genre.

The short intro A New World Order gives way to Chaos Is King, a very fast song with violent drums and killer riffs. The new band member, Mic Mourihan, proves from the beginning that he’s a very talented drummer. Oh, and that sound! Producer ‘Plec’ Johansson did an incredible work.


The second tune is one of the highlights of the record, it’s called Fuel For My Fire. One guitar plays a melody while the other plays arpeggios. Then comes a tremendous riff, and Sy keeler’s vocals that sound truly amazing. The chorus is very catchy and for sure this one will sound great when played live.

Children Of The Sand is another highlight. It starts with an Arabic melody sung by a lady, a melody that it’s repeated again later during the song. But this tune is not about the 1001 nights, it’s about the situation in the Middle East. I think the cover of the record illustrates this song, as the skull soldiers are seen over a desert landscape.

And war is also the subject of the next song, Slaughterize, a fast and violent violent song with a remarkable Nige Rockett guitar solo!

The sixth song of the album named VI is called 66’Fu*king’6. What else?!
Very catchy and less fast than other songs, I can already imagine the crowds headbanging and screaming the chorus while raising their hands in the air and making the sign of the horns!
The next song is related to the same theme, it’s called Cruci-Fiction, and it’s a much faster one.

Dead Man Walking is next, and it contains a lot of melodies almost hidden between those furious riffs. It's one of my favourites. Sy’s vocals sound particularly good, and the solo is a very classy one.

The album comes to an end with Enemy Of My Enemy. This one has a somewhat mechanical riff, a great solo and a chorus that’s easy to remember.

And well, those 9 songs left me breathless! 40 minutes of intense Thrash Metal at its best!

I like every Onslaught album, those from the 80’s and those since the reunion, but this one has something else that makes it special and different.
VI might well be Onslaught’s best record, at least since the reunion. And anyway, it's the best Thrash Metal record of 2013 released until now.

All songs are very well written, the sound is incredible and the performances are faultless.
In other words, it has everything a Thrash Metal fan needs!

Picture: AFM Records

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Onslaught Line-up:

Sy Keeler – Vocals
Nige Rockett – Guitar
Andy Rosser-Davies – Guitar
Jeff Williams – Bass
Mic Mourihan – Drums

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Onslaught Website
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Tracklist Onslaught - VI

01. A New World Order
02. Chaos Is King
03. Fuel For My Fire
04. Children Of The Sand
05. Slaughterize
06. 66’Fucking’6
07. Cruci-Fiction
08. Dead Man Walking
09. Enemy Of My Enemy
Bonus Track:
10. Shellshock

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