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Elysée Montmartre - Paris, France
February 28 2011

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Warrel Dane singing - Nevermore live

This tour is called the Power of Metal and, to be honest, I can’t see why…
With Symphony X, Nevermore and Psychotic Waltz, it would have been more accurate Power of Prog Metal.

Jeff Loomis on lead guitars with Nevermore Back in 1990, a tour named Power Of Metal took place in Germany, with Gamma Ray and Rage. That was power metal! The Hamburg concerts were filmed for the VHS and now DVD’s The Video Link from Rage and Lust for Live from Gamma Ray.

Back to 2011. I didn’t see the first two bands but it seems that I didn’t miss much.
About Psychotic Waltz, well I'm not really into their music. This was the reunion tour of that legendary band, but I found their show quite boring. Nevertheless, all my respects go to the guitar player Brian McAlpin, who was playing with the band, despite being in a wheelchair. That's real dedication and love for music!
Van Williams on drums - Nevermore live in Paris France

Well, now it was time for Nevermore, a band I’ve been willing to see on a club for a long time, as previously I’ve only see them in summer festivals.

I remember a great show at Bang Your Head 2002, as well as something OK for Wacken 2002 and Hellfest 2010.

Attila Vörös -  Nevermore live in concert

I was really happy to see them on stage, with their backdrop and a proper light show.

The sound was pretty mechanical and very well studied sound. The guitars and the voice were louder than the rest.

Dagna Barrera from Nevermore live in Paris

Warrel introduced bass player Dagna Barrera (also known as Dagna Silesia) as Jim Sheppard after a sex change and the surgery turned out perfect.

Well, that’s correct; Mrs Barrera is truly beautiful.
I don’t know if she’s Darrel girlfriend or what, but he teased her and whispered in her ear a couple of times during the show.

Dagna Silesia - Nevermore live in France

She's no stranger to the band, Dagna played bass on Warrel Dane's latest solo tourdates.
Dagna Silesia did great replacing Jim Sheppard who underwent brain surgery. Hope he gets well soon!

Besides a few die-hard fans, the audience was quite calm at the beginning of the show. It was only until the song Born that people started to move.

Jeff Loomis playing guitar with Nevermore

A few songs later Warrel warned us: “If I don’t see a f**in’pit you’re gonna be in trouble”. The audience responding with a good dose of moshing, and that’s when Warrel asked why did it took so long to come back to Paris? A fan yelled “You!!”! This engaged a conversation, with Warrel arguing “No! It was not us!”.

Warrel asked how many of us have brought our girlfriends before playing The Heart Collector. This, with Ennemies Of Reality, was the highlight of the show.

Warrel Dane - Nevermore live in concert

But well I have to say that Warrel was singing out of tune during most of the show.

Also, I remember seeing a better frontman back in 2003. Maybe it wasn’t Nevermore’s best show ever, but die-hard fans didn’t seem to care, especially the guy who got on stage to sing some parts of Ennemies of Reality with Warrel Dane.

Attila Vörös - Nevermore live in Paris

The concert ended with Warrel saying "Paris je t’aime". He stated “The conspiracy is not over, we’ll see you again!"
Well, next time it might be without me. One again, they didn’t really convince me.
Time for the headliners, Symphony X!

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Setlist Nevermore – Elysée Montmartre - Paris, France – February 28 2011

01. Inside Four Walls
02. Moonrise (Through Mirrors of Death)
03. The Termination Proclamation
04. Your Poison Throne
05. Born
06. The Heart Collector
07. The River Dragon Has Come
08. Emptiness Unobstructed
09. This Godless Endeavor
10. Enemies of Reality

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Nevermore Line-up:

Warrel Dane – Vocals
Jeff Loomis – Guitar
Attila Vörös – Guitar
Dagna Silesia – Bass
Van Williams – Drums
Warrel Dane and Dagna Silesia - Nevermore live in Paris
Jeff Loomis and Warrel Dane live in Paris
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