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Elysée Montmartre - Paris, France
November , 2008

Morbid Angel 2003
David Vincent of Morbid Angel in Paris, November 2008 This is a moment I’ve been expecting for quite long time.
Since Morbid Angel reunited with David Vincent, I only saw a festival show, but never seen playing on compact venue with an audience made of die-hard fans.

This tour was some kind of a mini festival, as Marduk and Kataklysm were also on the bill. I arrived during Kataklysm’s show. I don’t know that much this band but they were OK. The singer was speaking in French, which of course please the audience a lot.
Trey Azagthoth of Morbid Angel in Paris, November 2008 But most people here were waiting for Morbid Angel. They started with “Rapture” and “Pain Divine”, what an opening! You could feel like in the Covenant Tour.

As the get on stage, they look imposing, with their clothes and attitude.
I remember hearing years ago a live recording from the Blessed Are The Sick Tour and thinking “Alright, they’re great musicians but David Vincent’s voice is not that powerful on stage”.
Well, years and tours have passed since then and today David Vincent screams roar like thunder when performing live.
Thor Anders Myhren from Morbid Angel, Live in Paris, November 2008 Trey Azaghtoth, as usual dressed in black with white shoes, plays some of the most insane solos ever composed in the history of metal.

Incredibly technical, yet virtuoso and swinging, he’s just one of the best metal guitar players ever.

Also, Thor Anders Myhren seems fully integrated to the band and does some good solos as well.

Pete Sandoval is also incredible and fast. There is no other drummer like him and he gives it all when on stage.

The sound was very good tonight and as you can imagine the audience was unchained, moshing and crowdsurfing as much as they could.
David Vincent of Morbid Angel in Paris, November 2008 Only one regret: Morbid Angel did a great setlist, but they didn’t play any songs from Blessed Are The Sick.

I asked David Vincent why at the end of the show and he told me that they had a curfew here. So sad, he said on the rest of the tour they’re playing “Day Of Suffering” and “Fall From Grace”.
Trey Azagthoth of Morbid Angel in Paris, November 2008

Setlist Morbid Angel – Elysée Montmartre - Paris, France – November 28, 2008

01. Rapture
02. Pain Divine
03. Maze Of Torment
04. Sworn To The Black
05. Nevermore
06. Lord Of All Fevers And Plague
07. Chapel Of Ghouls
08. Dawn Of The Angry
09. Where The Slime Lives
10. Blood On My hands
11. Bil Ur Sag
12. God Of Emptiness
13. World Of S**t
David Vincent of Morbid Angel and Metal Traveller, Paris, November 2008
Trey Azagthoth and Metal Traveller in Paris David Vincent - Vocals
Trey Azagthoth - Lead Guitars
Thor Anders Myhren - Guitars
Pete Sandoval - Drums

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