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Woah! I just realized that I have seen Metallica 9 times... in 7 different countries!
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May 2, 1999 - Bogotá, Colombia - Simón Bolívar Park

June 11 2003 – Paris, France – Le Trabendo

July 1st, 2007 – Werchter, Belgium, Rock Werchter Festival

May 30, 2008 – Landgraaf, Netherlands, Pinkpop Festival

May 14 2009 - Vienna, Austria - Wiener Stadthalle

July 4 2009 - Hockenheim, Germany - Sonisphere Festival

July 5 2009 - Werchter, Belgium - Rock Werchter Festival

June 26 2010 - Bucharest, Romania - Sonisphere Festival

July 9 2011 - Amneville, France - Sonisphere Festival

May 12 2012 - Paris, France - Stade de France

Metallica at Werchter Rock Festival
I discovered Metallica back in 1990 with the Master of Puppets album. It became soon of my favourite bands, even if I prefer by far their old records. Anyway, in 2008 they made a great record: "Death Magnetic". I love that album and Ifollowed quite a few dates of this tour....

Seeing Metallica Live is always a great experience. They often change the set list so you can hear almost all their classics if you do a few shows.

Everytime I go to a Metallica show I ask myself which one has been the best... and I really can't find an answer, they all have been incredible and special.
Bogotá was the first time
The Trabendo in Paris was short, but not everybody has the chance to see Metallica on a 400-people club.
In Werchter they played Orion and other amazing songs.
At Pinkpop they played ...And Justice For All and other surprises
In Vienna had a central stage and a lot of pyro.
In 2009 I saw Metallica in two Summer festivals on the same weekend: Sonisphere at Hockenheim and Werchter.
In 2010 I went as far as Romania for Metallica and the Big Four, with Anthrax, Slayer and Megadeth... something not to be missed!
In 2011, Anthrax, Slayer, Megadeth and Metallica played at Sonisphere France.

Metallica Sonisphere 2011