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Globen - Stockholm, Sweden
February 28, 2009

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Megadeth live in Stockholm

We were very excited to see Megadeth on stage again.
I love their latest album, United Abominations album. Last time I was Megadeth, it was in Luxemburg in 2008. They did an amazing gig there and a year without Megadeth seemed long...

After a short Intro, the musicians came on stage and they started straight with Sleepwalker.

The soound was not well balanced at the begining but it went better after a couple of songs.

About the stage, there was just a simple backdrop with the Megadeth logo on it. Megadeth had less lights that Testament, which played previously.
Minimalist? No. Megadeth has never had a huge stage set. They just play the music wherever they are. That's their style and they do it well.

All the musicians seem to be well integrated to the band.
It was the second time I saw Megadeth with this line-up and they sound really good.
There's some complicity between Dave Mustaine and the other members; This is good for a band that has switched musicians so many times...

Shawn Drover is really a great drummer. It's been almost 5 years since he joined the band, and I think he deserves to be there.

This time James LoMenzo almost made me forget about David Ellefson. When James plays with Megadeth he's totally in, he gives a lot of energy to the show. And he's a great bass player, alternating pick and finger depending on the song.

Megadeth live in Stockholm, Sweden - February 28 2009

Chris Borderick also does an admirable guitar work.
He doesn't have an easy job... it's hard to take Marty Friedman or Al Pitrelli's place in a band. But to me he does it very well.
Rythmically, I think sometimes he relies a bit on Dave Mustaine.
But who wouldn't? Mustain is a rythm guitar machine, with a quite uniquely fast right hand.
Chris plays the solos his way, but makes them sound great. It feels good to hear the Holy Wars solo played well, after the Al Pitrelli years...

Megadeth live in  Stockholm, Sweden - February 28 2009 Mustaine didn't talk much to the audience. They had little time, so he concentrated on playing. He only did short speeches between the songs but he gave it all with his guitar.

The setlist was a bit strange. There was only one song from the latest album, which means that surprinsingly they didn't play Washington Is Next.
They played 3 songs from Countdown To Extinction (Symhony Of Destruction, Skin O'My Teeth and Sweating Bullets) and 3 from Rust In Peace (Take No Prisoners, Hangar 18 and Holy Wars).

After just a bit more than an hour, Megadeth had to end their show.
Once again, they proved to be a great live band.

Time to get a beer and wait for tonight's headliner... Judas Priest!

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Setlist Megadeth – Globen, Stockholm, Sweden – February 28, 2009

01. Sleepwalker
02. Wake Up Dead
03. Take No Prisoners
04. A Tout Le Monde
05. Skin O'My Teeth
06. She Wolf
07. In My Darkest Hour
08. Symphony Of Destruction
09. Sweating Bullets
10. Hangar 18
11. Peace Sells
12. Holy Wars... The Punishment Due

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Megadeth Line-up:

Dave Mustaine - Vocals/Guitars
Chris Broderick- Guitars
James LoMenzo - Bass
Shawn Drover - Drums
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