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Polideportivo Envigado - Medellín, Colombia
November 29 2011

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A Megadeth PPoster over a busy streen in Medellín, Colombia

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Take a look at the picture on the left: the city Vic Rattlehead dominating the city while there's a traffic jam on the road... With the name Medellin written like Megadeth!

Isn't it the best possible advertisement for a concert? Is this a metal city or what??

Megadeth poster for their concert in Medellín Colombia

Those were the promotion posters for Megadeth's first concert ever in Medellin, and many fans were waiting for such a special night!

I spent a few days in Colombia in November 2011 and Megadeth where doing a Latin American Tour for their latest record: TH1RT3EN. They played two gigs in Colombia and I had the chance to see Megadeth concert in Medellin with two good friends.

Dave Mustaine from Megadeth at the Polideportivo Envigado in Medellín Colombia First impression, the ticket price was so bloody expensive. There were three tickets: the general admission for seats was 127 000 Colombian pesos which is something like 50 euro.

To be on the pit, fans had to spend almost 80 euro. That’s incredible, especially when you know that some European 2-day festivals cost less than that!
Dave Ellefson from Megadeth at the Polideportivo Envigado in Medellín Colombia But there’s even more: there was a ticket which was a clear hold-up: For 500 000 pesos (200 euro!!) you had a standing ticket, a t-shirt, and access to a contest to win an autographed guitar.
The promoter was crazy to do this, and I hope not many people were stupid enough to pay such a big amount of money for nothing! I mean, just for a prize draw!
Dave Mustaine and the Colombian Flagg Megadeth at the Polideportivo Envigado in Medellín Colombia

I said it on the review from Iron Maiden in Bogota: ticket prices in Colombia and generally in South America are too expensive.
If promoters low down the prices, they’ll bring more people and certainly would earn more money too. As a result, less that 2000 people attended tonight’s concert. How sad!

Dave Ellefson and Chris Broderick with the flag of Colombia - Megadeth live in Medellín

Once at the venue, I noticed that the concert was very well organized.
Outside, most people stayed on the line and inside, there were stands with food, beer and cheap merchandising. An official T-shirt costed about 12 euro, and it was only 8 euro for the (unofficial) event shirt.
There was almost too much security, the crowds were respectful, joyful and organized.

Chris Broderick in Medellín with Megadeth

And how was the concert itself? For the people who were seeing Megadeth for the first time, I assume it was just amazing.
But for those who’ve seen Megadeth before, it was the very minimum we can expect.

The band had customized stage and brought a very good light show.
Many efforts were made to get a good sound but it wasn’t possible. But if the sound was quite bad, that wasn’t Megadeth’s or the sound engineer’s fault: the Polideportivo Envigado is a sports arena and is absolutely not designed for concerts.

Megadeth at the Polideportivo Envigado in Medellín

Megadeth played for 1 hour 20 minutes. They did it great, they had the energy, they played great versions of the songs but… it was too short. Especially when playing there for the first time.

Not so long ago, they used to play for almost two hours. Colombian fans were really devoted and I think playing such a short set was almost a lack of respect.

Shawn Drover with Dave Mustaine and Chris Broderick

The setlist included 4 songs from the masterpiece Rust in Peace, and some of their most beloved classics. But still, tunes like Washington is Next and In My Darkest Hour were missing.

Dave Mustaine didn’t spoke much, but he thanked a lot the audience and he seemed very pleased to be there.
He thrilled the audience by changing the lyrics of Guns, Drugs & Money from "Under The Mexican Sky" to "Under The Colombian Sky".

Dave Mustaine and the flag of Colombia - Megadeth live in Medellín

Dave Mustaine knew what to expect from Colombian fans: Mustaine posted on facebook that Bogotá’s show, the week before, had been the best concert of the tour.

David Ellefson played the last four songs of the gig with a T-shirt of the Megadeth Colombian Fan Club... and he made sure that we all see it!

The crowds threw a flew flags on stage, which ended decorating the drums and the microphones.

Dave Mustaine and Chris Broderick headbanging

At some point we felt in a football game, as we were all singing "oe.. oeoeoe Mustaine Mustaine..."

Everyone headbanged and sang the words of almost every song, including the 3 songs they played from Th1rt3en.
At some point even there was even people moshing between the seats on the side... it was the first time I saw a pogo on the seat rows!

Peace and Dollar symbols: Peace sells... but who's buying?

Vic Rattlehead didn’t hit the stage during Peace Sells, but the crowd did something amazing.
Many fans printed paper sheets with the dollar $ and the peace ☮ symbols. That was the answer to the famous “Can you put a price on peace” question!

I loved this show and I enjoyed every minute of it.
Megadeth is still one of my favourite live acts, despite an almost minimalistic show.
It was good, but Megadeth can do much better! Anyway, what's important is that I’m sure the people in Medellin will never forget this gig!.

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Setlist Megadeth – Polideportivo Envigado - Medellín, Colombia – November 29 2011

01. Trust
02. Wake Up Dead
03. Hangar 18
04. She-Wolf
05. Public Enemy No. 1
06. Angry Again
07. A Tout Le Monde
08. Sweating Bullets
09. Head Crusher
10. Whose Life (Is It Anyways?)
11. Dawn Patrol
12. Poison Was the Cure
13. Guns, Drugs & Money
14. Symphony of Destruction
15. Peace Sells
16. Holy Wars... The Punishment Due

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Megadeth Line-up:

Dave Mustaine – Vocals / Guitars
Chris Broderick – Guitars
David Ellefson – Bass
Shawn Drover – Drums
Chris Broderick and Dave Ellefson from Megadeth live at the Polideportivo Envigado
Dave Mustaine on guitars with Megadeth, live at the Polideportivo Envigado in Medellín
Megadeth was The Cure
Dave Ellefson wearing the Megadeth Colombia Fan Club T-shirt
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