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Royal Center - Bogotá, Colombia
May 6 2014

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Dave Mustaine from Megadeth live in Bogotá

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Performance:  5/5
Setlist:             5/5
Lights:             5/5
Sound:            5/5
Atmosphere:    5/5 and better!

Not even 7 months after that great concert with Black Sabbath, Megadeth was back in Bogotá for a headlining show!
This tour was labeled as Youthanasia 20th Anniversary and everyone had great expectations about it. The rain didn't stop fans from queuing outside the Royal Center from early in the morning, even if only the raincoat vendors were happy with the situation.

Dave Mustaine has stated in several occasions that he loves to play in Colombia and has even said that "Bogotá completely kicked the entire globe's butt". That’s because Colombian Megafans are really passionate and love to surprise their favorite band.
Today, the first surprise was that fans recreated the Youthanasia cover in the theatre, will several dolls of babies hanging, along with the lady of the artwork.

Dave Mustaine personally chose the opening band, a local Hard Rock act named The South that did a good performance.

Megadeth got on stage at 9:25 with the intro Prince Of Darkness, followed by Hangar 18. This was a blast! The ground was shaking as everyone was jumping as one. I don’t know if there would be a better song to start the show.
Right after that, they played the first song from Youthanasia, Reckoning Day. This is one of my favorite Megadeth songs. It sounded perfect, they really should keep it on the setlist.

The theme of this tour was Youthanasia so some expected Megadeth to play the whole record. I never thought that was going to happen but I was expecting at least 5 or 6 songs.
They only played 4: Reckoning Day, Killing Road, À Tout Le Monde and Youthanasia, while they did 5 tunes from Rust In Piece. This hardly can be called Youthanasia Anniversary, but anyway Dave Mustaine stated that it hasn’t been exactly 20 years yet.

I don't understand why they didn't play Train Of Consequences, which was the first single back in the day, but anyway, 4 songs from this record was already amazing!
The setlist did include other surprises, like the marvelous and rare Set The World Afire.

They didn’t forget to promote their latest record too, Super Collider, but they played only one song: Kingmaker. It also was the only recent song, which isn't fair because albums like United Abominations or Endgame are amazing underrated masterpieces.

At the entrance of the venue, everyone was given a Vic Rattlehead Mask and a print of a Youthanasia baby.
During the solo of the song Youthanasia everyone held the baby in their hands. Mustaine was concentrated playing guitar so Ellefson showed him was what happening... He was extremely surprised and I could read his lips saying “Oh My God!”.

David Ellefson with Megadeth in Colombia
Megadeth celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Youthanasia in Bogotá
Shawn Drover on drums with Megadeth
Chris Broderick from Megadeth on stage in Bogotá
The crowds in Bogotá wearing Vic Rattlehead masks

They briefly left the stage and we were shown an excerpt from the movie Talk Radio onthe screen, and the David Ellefson came back and emotively said "Muchas Gracias" as the played the intro of Peace Sells.
And the crowds had another surprise, as everyone put the Vic Rattlehead mask on during this song.

Well, all this has lead Dave to conclude that there “really is no more artistic and creative audience in the world”.

Symphony Of The Destruction came next, and it was another highlight, as everyone yelled “Megadeth, Megadeth, Qué Chimba Megadeth” during the riff.

At the end of that one, the crowds sang Happy Birthday to Shawn Drover (his birthday was the day before the show) and then started to yell “Tornado, Tornado”.

The song wasn’t on the setlist, but Dave said “I make you a deal: I play Tornado and you sing!”. Well he had a deal!
Everyone sang the entire song so loud that Dave didn’t have to sing the chorus!
He asked who the loudest crowds is, and answered the question himself: I could look at the sky and say: Colombia!

Holy Wars was next and here came another surprise from the fans, as tons of white and yellow balloons were thrown in the air during the solo.
The show finished with Dave Mustaine raising his hands in gratitude, wearing the flag of Colombia on his shoulders.

This concert made clear again that there’s a special connection between the band and their Colombian fans.

Dave Mustaine stated that he will never forget tonight. Neither will I. This one was, by far, the best of all Megadeth shows I've seen.

A Megadeth show in Colombia is a win / win situation. The fans always prepare something to surprise the band, and in return they get an exceptional show. The story ain’t over, I know they shall return!

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Setlist Megadeth – Royal Center – Bogotá, – May 6 2014

01. Hangar 18
02. Reckoning Day
03. Wake Up Dead
04. In My Darkest Hour
05. Set The World Afire
06. Sweating Bullets
07. She-Wolf
08. Dawn Patrol
09. Poison Was The Cure
10. Killing Road
12. Trust
12. A Tout Le Monde
13. Kingmaker
14. Youthanasia
15. Peace Sells
16. Symphony Of Destruction
17. Tornado Of Souls
18. Holy Wars... The Punishment Due

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Megadeth band Line-up:

Dave Mustaine – Vocals / Guitars
Chris Broderick – Guitars
David Ellefson – Bass
Shawn Drover – Drums
Dave Mustaine and David Ellefson with Megadeth live in Bogotá
Megadeth live at Royal Center in Bogotá
Dave Mustaine from Megadeth live in Bogotá
Megadeth live in Bogotá
Megadeth in Colombia
Dave Mustaine and the fan clun ballons
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