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Сергей Маврин (MAVRICK)
Ария Фест - XXV лет - (ARIA FEST - 25 years)
Olympic Stadium - Moscow, Russia
November 27, 2010

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Сергей Маврин live at the Ария Фест - Olympic Stadium in Moscow, Russia

Sergey Mavrin’s band was the first band to play at the Aria-Fest.

Sergey played guitar in some of Aria's best classic albums, and his solos were one of the highlights of the band.
He has also played in the band Kipelov.

Sergey Mavrin's band sometimes is called Mavrick.
They came on stage after a very long intro showing videos from Aria’s 25 year long career.

Artem Styrov singing with Sergey Mavrin in Moscow

Everyone who knows Sergey Mavrin is aware that this man is a real guitar hero. But he’s also a real rockstar!

Clothes, boots, bandanas, tattoos… He’s got the right look to play in a California hard rock band.
But believe me: he’s more talented than some worldwide known guitarists.

Сергей Маврин - Mavrick live in Moscow

First, Sergey Mavrin is a gifted composer.
He composed great tunes with Aria, and continues to make very good solo records.

Second, he’s an incredible interpreter.
He plays fast and fluent solos, but most impressive, he does tapping with all of the fingers of his right hand.

When you look the way the plays some solos, it’s like he’s playing piano on guitar.
You take a look at the picture beside, or watch this video on youtube to convince yourself.

Леонид Максимов live with Sergey Mavrin in Moscow

Still, Sergey is discrete.
He’s not like Yngwie Malmsteen who has a band but does the show himself. No, Sergey was quite calm and stayed on the right side for most of the show. He didn't want to be the centre of the attention.

He went to the center of the stage only for his solos.

Юрий Алексеев - Yuri Alexeev live with Sergey Mavrin in Moscow

Even at the end of the show when the band said goodbye, Sergey Mavrin didn’t stand in the center (picture down here).

I felt I was seeing a real band, not the concert of a guitar hero with hired musicians.

Yuri Alexeev and Leonid Maksimov with Sergey Mavrin live in Moscow

Sergey Mavrin's band is composed by a line-up of talented musicians, most of them younger than him.

Artem Styrov is the singer from Sergey Mavrin’s band.
He’s got a very good voice, and teased the audience during the whole show.
He's a well known singer in the Russian Metal scene. He has recently released a solo album and played in a few bands like RD or Epitafia, but Mavrick is his main band.

Bass player Leonid Maksimov was unchained. He was running from one side of the stage to the other, always headbanging with his very long dark hair.

Дмитрий Завидов playing drums with Sergey Mavrin live in Moscow

There was another guitar player: Yuri Alexeev.
Of course he was there only for the rhythmic parts, but I think that’s great: not many guitar hero bands have a second guitar player, and a lot of them should.

On the drums there was a young but very talented guy, Dmitry Zavidov, who kept the groove all over the show.

I don’t know how popular Sergey Mavrin is, but I was surprised that his band was the first to play, and I was shocked that the band only played 3 songs!

But those were high quality songs, and the audience appreciated a lot: lots of people were singing, especially during the last tune: Дай руку мне (Give me a hand).

Leonid Maksimov and Sergey Mavrin live in Moscow

As it was an opening band, Mavrin couldn't use much lights. But fortunately the sound was really good.

The concert was very short but it was great.

I had seen a very respective guitar player with a high quality band.
And the Aria Fest was just beginning, next band on stage: Arteria.

Артём Стыров - Artem Styrov live in Moscow with Sergey Mavrin's band

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Setlist Сергей Маврин (Sergey Mavrin) – Olympic Stadium - Moscow, Russia – November 27, 2010

01. Мое время
My Time
02. Пока боги спят
While The Gods Sleep
03. Дай руку мне
Give me a Hand

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Mavrick Line-up:

Sergey Mavrin – Guitars
Сергей Маврин
Artem Styrov – Vocals
Артём Стыров
Yuri Alexeev – Guitars
Юрий Алексеев
Leonid Maksimov – Bass
Леонид Максимов
Dmitry Zavidov – Drums
Дмитрий Завидов
Sergey Mavrin playing guitar - Mavrick Live at the Aria Fest
Thank You Moscow!
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