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Мастер (MASTER)
Ария Фест - XXV лет - (ARIA FEST - 25 years)
Olympic Stadium (Olimpiysky) - Moscow, Russia
November 27, 2010

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Lexx from the band Master live at the Olympic Stadium in Moscow, Russia

When the roadies were changing the stage set after Arteria’s show, they put a keyboard in the center of the stage.

At this moment I thought that Master singer was going to play like Virgin Steele’s David DeFeiss: vocals and keyboards.


But I was wrong. A man came on stage and played a tune on this keyboard, alone.
It’s a very well known melody for any Aria fan, it's called Megalomania and it's the instrumental song that gave it's name to the first Aria album.

Over the years, Aria has often used it as an intro or outro song.

And who was the man playing it? The composer! Kirill Pokrovsky himself: Aria’s keyboard player when they used to have one, on the first two albums.

Alik Granovsky from Master playing bass in Moscow

Everyone in the audience was singing the melody and that was thrilling.

After this great moment the roadies took away the keyboard and the guys from the band Master came on stage.

Leo Fomin from Master live at the Olimpiysky in Moscow

Master is a historical Russian heavy metal band, founded in the 80’s by ex-Aria members.

I absolutely loved their show, but it was too short.

Andrei Smirnov from Master live in Moscow

More than half of Master setlist was composed of Aria songs. One of them was a very speedy version of Torero, which is one of my favourite tunes.

They played two of their best known original songs: Crosses and Master.

Oleg "Cobra" Khovrin on drums - Master live in Moscow

Master is a 5-piece band, with a line-up comprising two fast and young guitar players: Andrei Smirnov and Leo Fomin.

Drummer Oleg "Cobra" Khovrin is fast and very talented. There are definitely quite a few amazing Metal drummers in Russia!

Alik Granovsky playing bass with Master at the Ariafest in Moscow

Singer Lexx is very charismatic, he communicated a lot with the audience, and he’s got a very good voice.

Master’s bass player is Aria’s original bass player: Alik Granovsky. He plays with his fingers and he's got a great and groovy style.

Алексей "Lexx" Кравченко - Master live in Moscow

Master are a very professional band and I’m sure their headlining concerts must be very good.
Here at the Aria Fest, they only played for about 30 minutes.

Now, the most successful ex-Aria member’s band was about to come on stage: Kipelov.

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Setlist Мастер (Master) – Olympic Stadium - Moscow, Russia – November 27, 2010

01. Мания величия (Покровский, Aria)
Megalomania (composed and played by Kirill Pokrovsky, originally recorded by Aria)
02. Воля и разум (Aria cover)
Will and Reason (Aria cover)
03. Торреро (Aria cover)
Torero (Aria cover)
04. Кресты
05. Мастер

Master Links:

Master Website
Master My Space
Kirill Pokrovsky website
Master CDs at
Master on Metal Traveller's Flickr
Master Amazon
Master iTunes downloads

Master Line-up:

Lexx – Vocals
Алексей Кравченко
Leo Fomin – Guitars
Леонид Фомин
Andrei Smirnov – Guitars
Андрей Смирнов
Alik Granovsky – Bass
Алик Грановский
Oleg "Cobra" Khovrin – Drums
Олег "Кобра" Ховрин

Special Guest:
Kirill Pokrovsky – Keyboards
Кирилл Покровский

Алик Грановский from Master - live in Moscow
Lexx - Master live at the Ariafest
Thank You Moscow - Master live in Moscow
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