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Megadeth at the Hellfest
Megadeth - Hellfest

Stadio Brianteo - Monza, Italy
June 27 , 2009

Concerts 2009 Marty Friedman
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Gods Of Metal 2009
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Marty Friedman's band live at the Gods Of Metal

When I learnt that Marty Friedman was playing at the Gods Of Metal I didn’t know what to expect.
Generally speaking, guitar heroes and progressive rock bands don’t fit well on a festival.

This is just my opinion, but when you go to a festival you don’t go only to see the bands. You also go to party and have a good time and to be honest… long guitar solos or 20-minute long songs don’t get me in a party mood.

Takayoshi Ohmura with Marty Friedman in Milan

I’ve seen Joe Satriani playing at the Sweden Rock Festival and at the Grspop and…. Even if Satriani is one of the most talented guitarists on earth, but I couldn’t stand his whole show.

Jeremy Colson with Marty Friedman in Milan

Well, the only time I’d seen Marty Friedman before was in 1999 with Megadeth, so to me it was a great chance to discover him live as a solo artist.

And you want to know something? I had a blast!

Ryota and Jeremy Colson with Marty Friedman in Milan

Marty Friedman’s set was only instrumental, but his songs are really heavy and he makes them rock on stage.

Except for drummer Jeremy Colson, who used to play with Steve Vai, the rest of the band was composed of Japanese guys: Ryota on bass and Takayoshi Ohmura on guitars. As you might know, Marty Friedman lives nowadays in Japan.

Takayoshi Ohmura with Marty Friedman in Milan

The music was very consistent and Marty is a very talented folk. I was rather headbanging than watching Marty Friedman’s fingers going fast all over the guitar neck.

Some solos were played harmonically with Takayoshi Ohmura, and this reminded me a lot of the Cacophony days with Jason Backer.

The setlist included the solo of Tornado Of Souls from Megadeth.

Ryota and Jeremy Colson and Marty Friedman in Monza - June 27 2009

I never thought I’ll enjoy that much an instrumental set in the middle of a Festival.

So Marty, anytime you want again!

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Setlist Marty Friedman – Gods Of Metal Festival, Stadio Brianteo, Monza, Italy – June 27, 2009

01. It's The Unreal Thing
02. ?
03. Stigmata Addiction
04. Devil Take Tomorrow
05. Kaeritakunattayo
06. ? + Tornado Of Souls
07. Asche Zu Asche
08. Evil Thrill
09. Thunder March

Marty Friedman at the Gods Of Metal
Marty Friedman and his Harley davidson guitar - Gods Of metal 2009

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Marty Friedman Line-up:

Marty Friedman - Guitar
Takayoshi Ohmura – Guitar
Ryota – Bass
Jeremy Colson - Drums
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Concerts 2009 Marty Friedman
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