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Elysée Montmartre - Paris, France
February 18, 2009

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Lordi live in  Paris, France - February 18 2009 The Monsters are back in town to promote their latest album: Deadache.

I saw Lordi in Filderstatdt, Germany 2 weeks earlier, on my way to see Iron Maiden in Belgrade.
I knew what to expect, as they did an amazing show there.
OX from Lordi live in  Paris, France - February 18 2009 Lordi are bigger than ever. This tour is, without any doubt, the best they have done to now.

I guess they have a large budget for this tour, as there were lots of pyro and special effects.

Moreover, they're playing a long show. In Fildersdadt they played for 2 hours, while in Paris the concert lasted 1 hour and 45 minutes.

On the previous Lordi tours I've seen they used to play slightly more than one hour, even when they were headlining.

Anyway, this is just to tell you that seeing Lordi live is really worth the ticket price: you have good music, a Rock'N'Roll mood, and a whole theatrical show made by our favourite monsters!
Amen from Lordi live in  Paris, France - February 18 2009

Once again I had to work late so I missed the opening acts.
I was looking forward to see Fatal Smile again but I'll have to wait for this.

Not long after I entered the Elysée Montmarte lights went down and KISS' God Of Thunder began to air.

Then we heard the new Intro, SCG IV, and the monsters were on stage!

Awa from Lordi - Elysée Montmartre Paris , France - February 18 2009 They have an impressive stage prescence. Well, Mr Lordi spends 3 hours at the dressing room puting all his make-up. The other band members have 45 minutes. That's a lot, but it's worth.

If you think that because of the costumes they don't play well on stage, this is totally wrong. The musical performance is great.
They know that music comes first, even if they all wear their monster suits.
Kita's drumsticks on fire - Lordi live in  Paris, France - February 18 2009 They also had a very good sound and, it was loud! This is a surprise, because bands playing at the Elysée Montmartre usually can't play very loud.

And they broke another rule: normally there's a 10:30pm curfew at this venue. They finished their show later than that.

But they couldn't completely break the pyro rule: They didn't use all the fireworks they have on this tour. Still, they used more pyrotechnics than any band I've seen playing here!
Lordi live in Paris

Because they wanted to play lots of songs and their time was reduced, almost all the songs were linked.

Mr Lordi talked to the audience only twice, and of course he tried to do it in French, saying something like "Jacques Cousteau, merci Paris... That's all I know in French"

Amen from Lordi live in  Paris, France - February 18 2009 The setlist was very good to me, even if they still didn't play Shotgun Divorce, which is one of my favourite tunes. They played 19 songs (not counting the intros).

Classics like Hard Rock Hallelujah, Would You Love A Monsterman, Devil Is A Looser, Bringing Back The Balls To Rock or Who's Your Daddy? were all played.

The new songs sound great on stage, specially Missing Miss Charlene, Raise Hell In Heaven and Bite It Like A Bulldog.

Comparing to the Filderstadt show, they replaced The Night Of The Loving Dead and Evilyn by It Snows In Hell and Haunted Town.

It snows in Hell was a great choice, and the Elysée Montmartre was transformed in Hell as the stage looked as if was snowing. This picture was taken during that song.
Don't call the doctor - Lordi live in  Paris, France - February 18 2009

Now, what about the show?

There was a huge Lordi backdrop on the back of the stage, and other decorations that made the whole thing look like a bloody hospital, with an operations table in front of the drums.

This is where Mr Lordi dressed as a surgeon ate the guts of his patient while OX was standing on his side.

Lordi and his doll - Paris, France - February 18 2009

There was a dead lady seated behind Amen, as well as all kind of horrifying things, including a flask containing eyes...

There were a few posters around the stage showing a girl, where you could read "Missing Charlene".
During the song Missing Miss Charlene, Mr Lordi had the head of a dead doll on his hand.

He used another doll during Would You Love a Monsterman, and this time there were fireworks out of it.

During Devil Is a Loser he spread his hellish wings, which caused a total hysteria on the audience, backed by the great melodies of this song.

Lordi live in Paris, France - February 18 2009

During the song Monster Monster Mr Lordi was wearing a different mask covering his hair.
He had a bucket with a bloody human arm, which he used to scratch his back!

Then he came with a chainsaw which first had pyrotechnics... but later began to spill some red-coloured water on the audience!

Everyone on the first rows looked like if we just had a blood bath!
So be prepared, if you want to be among the first rows for a Lordi show, get the same gear than for a GWAR show ;-)

Chainsaw Lordi

But Mr Lordi wasn't the only one doing those kind of horrifying things. Each band member did something during the show.

The first one was OX. Just before the song Bite It Like A Bulldog he came on stage with some kind of chained beast that looked like the hunchback of Notre Dame. The thing got free from its chains when OX cut his arm...

Awa was next: a dead couple came to dance while she was playing The Rebirth Of The Countess. She didn't like that so she got out of her keyboard and killed them again, uniting the lovers forever by passing a stick through them. How romantic!

Between Bringing Back the Balls To Rock and Monster Monster, a dead Samurai came on stage with a sword. Kita watched him from the side of his drumkit but when he got bored, he cut the samurai's head with his own sword. As a trophy, Kita put that head just beside his cymbals.

Amen the Egyptian Mummy from Lordi

Finally, before Wake The Snake, the mummy Amen came with a nemes on his head and book in his hands.
He recited some words while he got covered by smoke.
No dead people on this one, but still impressive.

Well, Lordi did an amazing show tonight! Their Deadache Tour is simlpy amazing. It can be a bit gore sometimes, but there's a lot of fun behind it.

Lordi really deserve to be where they are and to get higher.
They're a great rock band; they have an amazing show even if it's a quite recent band; and they still dare to shock and yet remain credible, ironic and fun, like Alice Cooper.

It snows in Hell - Lordi Live in Paris The two best Lordi concerts I've seen are this one and the one from Filderstadt. In Filderstadt I had the whole show with all the pyrotechnics. But on this one I was closer.
Anyway, on both concerts the band gave it all, making them unforgettable moments.

I went back home with a big smile on my face after a monstrous Rock n'Roll night!

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Hard Rock Hallelujah! - Ox and his bass on fire

Setlist Lordi – Elysée Montmartre, Paris, France – February 18, 2009

01. Intro: SCG IV
02. Girls Go Chopping
03. They Only Come Out Of Night
04. Raise Hell In Heaven
05. Bite It Like A Bulldog
06. Who's Your Daddy?
07. Blood Red Sandman
08. Man Skin Boots
09. Haunted Town
10. The Rebirth Of The Countess + Awa Keyboard solo
11. Deadache
12. SCG III / Bringing Back The Balls To Rock
13. Monster, Monster
14. It Snows In Hell
15. Wake The Snake + Amen Guitar Solo
16. Dr. Sin Is In
17. Missing Miss Charlene
18. Would You Love A Monsterman
19. Devil Is A Loser
20. Hard Rock Hallelujah

Devil is a Looser! Lordi live in Paris, february 2009

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Awa - Keyboards
Kita - Drums
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