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Welcome to the Monster show!
Lordi are musically a great hard rock band and on stage... well, you get what you've paid for!
A real monster show live with lots of pyro, fire and Rock n'Roll.

These are the Lordi concerts that I have seen. Click on the link to see some pictures, find the setlist and read a review.

April 17 2003 - Pratteln, Switzerland - Z 7 - Wacken Roadshow
April 13 2005 - Paris, France - Trabendo
October 24 2006 - Paris, France - Elysée Montmartre
February 6 2009 - Filderstadt, Germany - FILharmonie
February 18 , 2009 - Paris, France - Elysée Montmartre

Lordi live in  Paris, France - February 18 2009 

Kita's drumsticks on fire - Lordi live in  Paris, France - February 18 2009

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