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Hellfest Open Air Festival
Clisson, France
June 15 2012

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Lizzy Borden on stage at the Hellfest Open Air

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Version Française: Lizzy Borden au Hellfest sur

To me, the Hellfest started with Lizzy Borden, who were playing their first concert ever in France.
I like this band very much and I was very excited to see them at last!

They made an impression from the begining! The first song was Tomorrow Never Comes. Lizzy Borden came on stage all covered in black, dressed like the Grim Reaper.
But the band didn't came alone: 3 of the Nympherno girls were also dancing and breathing fire on stage.

That was a great starting, and at the end of the song, Lizzy welcomed us to "the Kingdom Of The Dead".
Unfortunately, the sound wasn't good, but Lizzy Borden were here to get everybody in the mood for the festival. Catchy melodies, fire and blood... that was a good introduction to the Hellfest!

As they didn't have much time, they played quite a few incomplete songs. Lizzy made us sing the chorus of Rod Of Iron, although they didn't plau this song.
From Somethin' Crawlin, on the riff was played. They also surprised us with a verse and the chorus from Lady Gaga's Edge Of Glory.

I know that they didn't have much time, and they wanted to play more songs. But why playing all these solos then? There were 3 guitar solos and one bass solo! It was nonsense. If Guns'n'Roses does a lot of solos, that's because they play for 2 and a half hours, not 40 minutes. Why not playing songs instead of solos when there's so little available time?

During one of those solos, Lizzy came with an axe and "killed" Hayley Leggs from Nympherno by biting her neck.
Another guitar solo was an adaptation of La Marseillaise, the French National anthem.
Lizzy pleased the French audience again at the end of the show, when he came covered with the US and the France flags, to sing American Metal.

The band played for 40 minutes but there were only 6 full songs on their setlist. That's definitely not enough, especially for their first time here.

I'm happy that I've managed to see them at last, but I think Lizzy Borden is a band that is better seen at a small club, with better sound and light conditions... and where they can play songs, not excerpts!
I'm looking forward for that moment!

Next band on stage, was the Southern Rock legend Molly Hatchet.
Click here for some Molly Hatchet pictures from the Hellfest.

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Setlist Lizzy Borden – Hellfest – Clisson, France – June 15 2012

01. Tomorrow Never Comes
02. Red Rum
03. Rod of Iron / Edge Of Glory (Lady Gaga cover)
—— Bass Solo ——
—— Guitar Solo ——
04. There Will Be Blood Tonight
—— Guitar Solo ——
—— La Marseillaise ——
05. Me Against the World
06. American Metal / Somthin's Crawlin (excerpt)

Lizzy Borden Links:

Lizzy Borden Website
Lizzy Borden on Flickr

Lizzy Borden band Line-up:

Lizzy Borden – Vocals
Dario Lorina – Guitars
AC Alexander – Guitars
Marten Andersson – Bass
Joey Scott Harges – Drums

Hayley Leggs – dancer
Amy Hag Harris – dancer
Kelly Sabrina – dancer
Lizzy Borden live at Hellfest
Hayley Leggs from Nympherno breathing fire on stage with Lizzy Borden
AC Alexander, Marten Andersson and Dario Lorina from Lizzy Borden
Lizzy Borden wearing his death mask
Lizzy Borden about to kill Hayley Leggs from Nympherno
Rock'n'Roll Forever Tattoo
James Kottak live with The Lizzy Borden
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