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Ozzy Rock Bar - Bogotá, Colombia
July 26 2014

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Lizzy Borden 3 face mask
Lizzy Borden Ozzy Bar

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Performance:    5/5
Setlist:               5/5
Lights:                                   2/5
Sound:                   3,5/5
Atmosphere:    4,5/5

To celebrate its 30th Anniversary, Lizzy Borden embarked on a world tour, and it started in South America!

The first show of the tour was in Lima and the second in Bogotá. I couldn't believe it when it was announced! I love this band and I was really happy to be able to see an intimate show inside a small venue.

Sadly, it wasn't sold-out, which is a shame because it was a unique opportunity to see a killer show!
There were 3 local support acts and they were all really good: The hard rock band Luxor, and the Heavy Metal bands Alma Dorada and Angel Reaper. The latter played a very nice cover version Red Sharks from Crimson Glory.

Lizzy Borden got on stage at 11:45pm and started with the song Master Of Disguise.
indeed, from the beginning, Lizzy demonstrated that he really is the Master of disguise! He was wearing a creepy mask with multiple faces, and his clothes were made of bloody bandages, making him look like a mummy.

He wore several different masks during the show, including white masks, skull masks, and even one that changed colours. He also brought some other toys, like a baseball bat and an axe! And he had the flags of Colombia and the USA on his shoulders during the song American Metal.

During There Will be Blood Tonight a semi-naked girl was brought on stage, and Lizzy covered her in some red liquid that looked like blood.
He also threw some of this liquid into the crowds, so many of us had part of our hair red at the end of the show! (And someone who tasted it said it was some kind of strawberry jam).
It's amazing that the band put together such an elaborate show even on a small venue!

But Lizzy is not the only showman in the band! Drummer Joey Scott has the right look and gestures, while bass player Mårten Andersson keeps on headbanging and pulling faces.
Many guitar players have been in Lizzy Borden and I also was very pleased to find that Ira Black was back for this tour!

All musicians did a faultless and very professional performance, musically and visually, and each one played his own solo.

As this was the 30th anniversary celebration of the band, the setlist was made of songs from every Lizzy Borden record. Most hits were there, but they have so many good songs that it's impossible to play them all.

The show ended with Lizzy's own version of Born To Be Wild, 1:10 AM. It was ain incredible show from every point of view.

Lizzy Boden is putting an exceptional show for this 30th Anniversary Tour, mixing Rock, horror, sex, and a touch of humour. They'll be touring the world during the upcoming months and we had the chance to see it first in Bogotá, but you really shouldn't miss the show if they play anywhere near your town!

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Setlist Lizzy Borden – Ozzy Rock Bar – Bogotá, Colombia – July 26 2014

01. Master of Disguise
02. Notorious
03. Live Forever
04. Rod Of Iron
05. Eyes Of A Stranger
—— Bass Solo ——
06. Tomorrow Never Comes
07. Under Your Skin
08. There Will Be Blood Tonight
—— Bass Solo ——
09. Me Against The World
10. American Metal
11. Red Rum
—— Drum Solo ——
12. Abnormal
13. Give'em The Axe
14. Born To Be Wild
Steppenwolf cover

Lizzy Borden Links:

Lizzy Borden Website
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Lizzy Borden band Line-up:

Lizzy Borden – Vocals
Ira Black – Guitar
Mårten Andersson – Bass
Joey Scott – Drums
semi naked girl on stage with Lizzy Borden
Lizzy Borden skull mask
Ira Black with Lizzy Borden
Marten Andersson with Lizzy Borden
Lizzy Borden aith an axe
30 Years of American Metal  - Lizzy Borden live in Bogotá
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