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Car Audio Rock Festival
Gran Salón Corferias - Bogotá, Colombia
January 26 2014

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Lita Ford in Colombia

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This concert was announced only two weeks before, so it was a great surprise to see Lita Ford headlining the last day of the Car Audio Rock Festival in Bogotá!

Some 800 fans gathered at Corferias exhibition center on this Sunday evening to witness Lita Ford’s first visit to Colombia.
For show announced only two weeks before, that’s a big success!
This means one thing: Colombian fans are hungry for Rock’n’Roll.

There are many Thrash and Heavy Metal concerts in Bogotá, but not many artists from the 80’s Los Angeles scene visit Bogotá.
This is starting to change at last, as the Car Audio Festival brought L.A. Guns and Lita Ford on the same weekend!
Oh, and there were even some fans coming from Perú just for the show!
Isn’t that a real Rock´n´Roll attitude?

Lita Ford and her band appeared on stage punctually at 7:30PM and started with the intro Wake Up Call, followed byThe Bitch Is Back.

The sound was great and very well balanced from the beginning, and the response of the fans was overwhelming.
Everyone started to dance and headbang while singing.

After Relentless everyone started to scream Lita’s name, and she seemed surprised.
I think she didn’t expect the crowds to rock like this!

Mitch Perry on stage
Lita Ford and Martin O'Brien
Robby Rock on drums

She stated “You’re making me so hot!”, before telling us how she wrote the song Can’t Catch Me with Lemmy in 3 days.
This one included a short but really cool drum solo by Bobby Rock in the middle, and then the others came back on stage as Lita screamed “Let’s finish the song!”.

stated that she brought with her the best musicians of Los Angeles, and indeed her bandmates are incredibly talented.

Bass player Marty O´Brien is a king of swing, and he does great with Bobby Rock, who hits his drum like a rhythm beast.

Mitch Perry is a great guitar player too: His solos are full of feeling and, when he jammed with Lita responding to each other solos during Back To The Cave, the audience was on fire.

Lita on stage is very spontaneous.
Sometimes she shouts “Are you ready Mitch, gimme some guitar” or “Come on Marty!” to get more bass.
She feels the music as she plays the songs live, it's the complete opposite of a robotic live performance.

To get a glimpse of that, one can listen to the live album The Bitch Is Back… Live! Listening to it feels almost like being at the concert.

Lita also played some solos that blew the people’s minds, but she performed Gotta Let Go only as a singer, without her guitar.

Her voice sounds just as beautiful as ever... snd of course, “beauty” is the word that comes to mind when seeing her!
Her 20’s might be behind, but she still looks incredible!

The setlist included most Lita Ford best known songs, but also Cherry Bomb from The Runaways and Black Leather from The Professionals, which was also performed by The Runaways.

We had two songs from the latest album Living Like A Runaway: Relentless and the title track.
I love this record so I was willing to hear some more, especially Hate, which is one of my favourites Lita Ford songs. Maybe next time…

As the show was approaching the end, she requested us to sing Ozzy’s part on the next song… and the crowds became really excited as the band performed a magic version of Close My Eyes Forever.

There was one left to end this party, and of course it was a very festive version of Kiss Me Deadly.

The show ended at 20:47.
It was quite short but absolutely worth. Everyone enjoyed it, the crowds and the musicians.

Mitch Perry with Lita Ford live in Bogotá
Lita Ford singing in Bogotá
Lita Ford and Martin O'Brien live in Bogotá

Lita Ford and Mitch Perry

After the show, a member of the Car Audio Rock Festival staff gave some presents to the crowds and announced a contest... where one could win a guitar signed by Lita Ford!

In a nutshell, this was a wonderful show, and the festival was very well organized!

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Setlist Lita Ford – Car Audio Festival – Bogotá, – January 26 2014

01. Wake Up Call
02. The Bitch Is Back
03. Hungry
04. Relentless
05. Gotta Let Go
06. Out for Blood
07. Back to the Cave
08. Can't Catch Me
—— Drum Solo ——
09. Under The Gun
10. Living Like a Runaway
11. Cherry Bomb
(The Runaways)
12. Black Leather
(The Professionals cover)
13. Close My Eyes Forever
14. Kiss Me Deadly

Lita Ford Links:

Lita Ford Website
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Lita Ford band Line-up:

Lita Ford – Vocals / Guitars
Mitch Perry – Guitars
Martin O'Brien – Bass
Bobby Rock – Drums

Lita Ford at Car Audio Festival in Bogotá
Lita Ford in Colombia - Car Audio Rock Festival
Lita Ford and her band
Poster for the Lita Ford concert in Colombia

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