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Teatro Jorge Eliécer Gaitán - Bogotá, Colombia
July 27 2014

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Kraken & Orquesta Nueva Filarmonía
Kraken - Teatro Jorge Liécer Gaitán

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Performance:    4,5/5
Setlist:               5/5
Lights:               5/5
Sound:              5/5
Atmosphere:      5/5

As part of their 30th Anniversary celebrations, Kraken scheduled 3 special concerts with an orchestra in Bogotá!

The first two concerts sold-out very quickly so a third show was added, and that's the one I attended.
It didn't matter that it was a sunday night, the show was also sold-out.

The chosen orchestra was Orquestra Nueva Filarmonía, and they were also backed by a choir, Coro Filarmónico de Bogotá.

At 7pm the orchestra began to play a medley of Kraken songs. Then the musicians came one by one on stage, except singer Elkin Ramírez. They started playing the song No Me Hables De Amor and Elkin was among the singers of the choir.

He walked to the front and kept on with Hijos Del Sur, Vestido de Cristal and other hits that Kraken has composed over the past 30 years.

The sound was perfect and everyone did a great show. Elkin's voice sounded really amazing and all the musicians did faultless performances.
In the crowds the atmosphere was very enthusiast. Even if we remained seated during the whole show, this was definitely a Rock concert!
Everyone was excited, everyone knew the lyrics of the songs, and more than one was crying!

Kraken truly is an iconic band in Colombia and South America and it's great that they could achieve these special shows. It's something to be proud of. Not many Rock / Metal bands get to play with an orchestra, and as far as I know, no other Latin-American band has achieved it.
Moreover, this is the second time Kraken carry on a project like this. The previous time was back in 2005, and was released as a live CD.

I loved the setlist and I loved the fact that they played some rare songs, including América, Méxica and Extraña Predicción. Those tunes were not even played on the 30th Anniversary show that lasted more than 3 hours!
Kraken might have not released so many studio records, but they have a lot of iconic songs, and they change the setlist in almost every concert.

The orchestral arrengements sounded very good. The songs were taken to a totally new dimension, and the choir also added something dramatic and unique.
America, Lenguaje De Mi Piel, Muere Libre and Después del Final were my favourite moments. The only tune I found a little bit weird was Revolución, and strangely, they finished the show with that one.

It was a very intense concert and there weren't many breaks. The band only stopped to thank the organizers, the orchestra, the choir and the fans.

The show lasted for almost 2 hours, and every musician on stage did his very best. In the crowds, we were all breathless, totally satisfied by this amazing performance.

This series of philharmonic concerts made clear once again that Kraken is a world-class Rock band with a very loyal fan base.
It's great to see that the band is doing that well, and that they still have the will to go on and to innovate.

It was a real privilege to attend this concert and by the way, I asked someone who worked at all 3 philarmonic concerts... and he told me that this one was the one he prefered!

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Setlist Kraken – Teatro Jorge Eliécer Gaitán – Bogotá, Colombia – July 27 2014

01. Medley (Orchestra Only)
02. No Me Hables De Amor
03. Hijos Del Sur
04. No Te Detengas
05. Vestido De Cristal
06. Méxica
07. Extraña Predicción
08. Sin Miedo Al Dolor
—— Guitar Solo Andrés Leyva ——
09. América
10. Fugitivo
11. Lenguaje De Mi Piel
12. Amnesia
13. Después Del Final
14. La Barca De Los Locos
15. Frágil Al Viento
16. Muere Libre
17. Revolución

Kraken Links:

Kraken Website
Kraken on Flickr

Kraken band Line-up:

Elkin Ramírez – Vocals
Andrés Leyva – Guitar
Ricardo Wolff – Guitar
Luis A. Ramírez – Bass
Rubén Gelvez – Keyboards
Julián Puerto – Drums

La Nueva Filarmonía – Philharmonic Orchestra
Ricardo Jaramillo – Orchestra Conductor

Coro Filarmónico de Bogotá – Chorus
Oscar Vargas – Chorus conductor
Elkin Ramírez - Kraken Filarmónico
Coro Filarmónico de Bogotá
Andrés Leyva - Kraken live in Bogotá
The headbanger and the orchestra
Orquesta La Nueva Filarmonía
Elkin Ramírez - Kraken Filarmónico
Ricardo Wolff, Rubén Gelvez and Julián Puerto - Kraken Filarmónico
Luis A. Ramírez – Kraken Filarmónico
Thanks Bogotá
Rubén and Ricardo - Kraken filarmónico
Kraken Filarmónico - Teatro Jorge Eliécer Gaitán
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