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Coliseo El Campín - Bogotá, Colombia
November 3 2013

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Kraken - Elkin Ramírez at Coliseo El Campín in Bogotá for the Mâgo de Oz Fest

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As soon as Sherpa finished, everyone started to shout Kraken Kraken! It's amazing to see how much respect have the fans for this band. 
I'm sure almost everyone inside has seen Kraken on stage before, but they were still waiting for the band with high enthusiasm.
No wonder why, as Kraken is a high class live act. Some say they've got softer with time, some say they're not really metal anymore, but personally they've never disappointed me.

When Rafa Basa announced the band, he confessed that he's never seen Kraken on stage before, but he knew it was the biggest Metal band from Colombia and a big part of South America. 

Kraken got on stage at 6:25pm with Palabras Que Sangran, and from that moment, everyone in the balconies stood up, while everyone down in the pit started to jump until the floor was shaking!
The band had some sound problems when they started, but none seemed to care, people sang the words of almost every song as loud as possible. 

Singer Elkin Ramírez made a perfect performance from every point of view.
His voice sounded great and he could reach high notes effortlessly.
As a frontman, he's also amazing. He really knows how to communicate with the crowds, not only with words, but also with gestures. He's very expressive, for example, he often looks into eyes of someone in the crowds when singing. 

Bass player Luis A. Ramírez couldn't stand still. When he wasn't running around the stage, he was headbanging like a helicopter. 

Rubén Gelvez didn't stay in the back, he brought his keyboard to the front of the stage during several songs. 

And I know Julián Puerto would have loved to do the same if he could, but instead he was hitting his drum like a thunder.

Andrés Leyva also did a great performance, and even included a short but nice guitar solo during Vestido De Cristal.

Only Ricardo Wolff was somewhat discrete, playing nearer to the Marshall wall than to the crowds, but his musical performance was great too.

A very accelerated version of No me Hables De Amor was one of the best moments of the show. 
Then Elkin asked for help to sing Lenguaje De Mi Piel, but didn't need to ask for it anyway, everyone sang it loud, and some people even dropped a few tears. 

Elkin started to thank the crowds, the organizers and the security in a way that we thought the show was coming to an end... But no, fortunately they still had time for a few more songs.
After another beautiful ballad named Frágil Al Viento, they played tree mind-blowing versions of some of their finest fast songs: Muere Libre, Soy Real and Escudo Y Espada.

Andrés Leyva from Kraken live in Bogotá
Luis A. Ramírez from Kraken headbanging
Elkin Ramírez with Kraken
Rubén Gelvez, Luis A. Ramírez and Ricardo Wolff from Kraken

Woah! What a concert! Kraken played 9 songs, during exactly 1 hour… and they had the loudest crowd of for the whole festival!

With this show, Kraken demonstrated that they are on the same, and even at a higher level, than many international bands.

It was a real pleasure to see the band performing on a big stage, with a nice light show and in front of such an enthusiastic crowd.
I can't wait for their 30th Anniversary Concert in Medellín, next month. 

But in the meantime, it was time to see another South American Metal legend: Rata Blanca from Argentina.

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Setlist Kraken – Coliseo El Campín – Bogotá, – November 3 2013

01. Palabras Que Sangran
02. Sin Miedo Al Dolor
03. Vestido De Cristal
04. No Me Hables De Amor
05. Lenguaje De Mi Piel
06. Frágil Al Viento
07. Muere Libre
08. Soy Real
09. Escudo Y Espada

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Kraken band Line-up:

Elkin Ramírez – Vocals
Andrés Leyva – Guitar
Ricardo Wolff – Guitar
Luis A. Ramírez – Bass
Julián Puerto – Drums
Rubén Gelvez – Keyboards
Kraken - Coliseo Cubierto El Campín
Kraken live in Bogotá
Tony Iommi from Kraken in Bogotá
Kraken - Mago de Oz fest
Kraken: Gracias Bogotá

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