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Bataclan - Paris, France
October 19 2011

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James Kotttak and Stephanie Smith live in Paris

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Some musicians are restless, and James Kottak is one of those.
While The Scorpions are taking a break from their Farewell Tour (next gigs on this site: Bordeaux and Paris), drummer James Kottak booked his own tour with Edguy.

James Kottak and the middle fingers

If you've seen a Scorpions show recently, you've noticed that James Kottak is not only the band behind the drums. He's a showman, and his Kottak Attack drum solo has achieved worldwide fame.

If that's how he is behind his drumkit, imagine how crazy can he be as a lead singer!
By the way, if you haven't seen a Scorpions show, check the tourdates on their website and get your ass to the next one. It's their Farewell tour so this is your last chance!

A flag of France for James Kottak

Kottak is a very good rock band with some punk influences.
Don't expect high-ocatane Judas Priest style heavy metal. They're more kindly to remind you of the Foo Fighters than Iron Maiden.

But before you noticed, you'll be singing the choruses of their songs!

James Kottak on drums

The band was completed by Nils Wandrey on bass and Francis Ruiz on drums.
On guitars, there's Stephanie Smith from the hard rock band Kliveland.
The drum solo was shared: Francis started it but James couldn't resist and seated on his drumkit.

After the solo, James played drums on the song You're Not Sorry, while Stephanie did the lead vocals.

James Kottak with a T-shirt from the French band Karelia

One cover song made it into the setlist, for those who couldn't wait for the next Scorpions concert in Paris.

Kottak asked the girls what was their favourite Scorpions song: Still Loving You? No one Like You? Rock You Like A Hurricane?
The band delivered his own big balls version of Holiday, James Kottak's favourite Scorpions song as he said.
Interessing, fast and heavy: how to turn a slow beautiful ballad into a powerful rock song.

Kottak wearing and Edguy shirt

The concert turned into James Kottak's own fashion show.
He started the gig with a red shirt, that he took off before he went to play drums.

After this, he wore a T-shirt from Katy Perry!

James Kottak and a doll

He took it off, and he had a shirt from Karelia, the French band that opened the show tonight... but under this one he still had an Edguy T-shirt and another one from Scorpions!

After singing Holiday, one more shirt was left: this time from his own band, Kottak.

Kottak singing Holiday from The Scorpions

James said that anyone who's ever lost someone close would understand the the song Time To Say Goodbye. He decided to dedicated it to Ronnie James Dio.

He was very thankful towards the audience and the French fans. He even said that this looked like a house party and that he'll get a drink with us after the show.
And so he did, during Edguy's concert, James was in the audience, meeting his fans.

James Kottak live in Paris

The last song was a groovy and powerful version of Rock & Roll Forever.

It was a very pleasant surprise to discover the band Kottak on stage!

Many people came to this concert mainly for Kottak. Some folks even left the Bataclan after his show!

I'll catch James Kottak later this year in Bordeaux and Paris but for a very different kind of show, with the Scorpions.

For tonight, the next band on stage was Edguy!
Click here for Edguy live in Paris.

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Setlist Kottak – Bataclan - Paris, France – October 19 2011

01. Do You Wanna Play?
02. Let's Do It Tonite
03. So Disconnected
04. Scream
—— Drum Solo ——
05. You're Not Sorry
06. Do It Big
07. Holiday
08. Time To Say Goodbye
09. Rock & Roll Forever

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Kottak Line-up:

James Kottak – Vocals / Guitars / Drums
Stephanie Smith – Guitars / Vocals
Nils Wandrey – Bass
Francis Ruiz – Drums
Nils Wandrey on bass, live with Kottak in Paris
Stephanie Smith on guitars and vocals with Kottak
Kottak thanking the fans
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