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Welcome To the Crossroads
Release date: March 12 2012 (France), April 9 2012 (UK)

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Genre: Hard Rock
Metal Traveller Rating: (3,5/5 - very good)

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Welcome To The Crossroads cover
Welcome To The Crossroads is the new album by the Australian hard rock band Koritni, and it's a good dose of melodic hard rock.

From the begining with Down At The Crossroads you feel like riding a motorcycle, through the Australian outback or the route 66. That's how the ride begins! Will you dare to follow the devil on the cover of the album into this hellish ride?

The songBetter Off Dead has a killer riff and a chorus that got stuck in my head for a while! It's one of my favourite songs of the album!
And what about the ballads? Those guys really know about it: Hold On and specially Lost For Words are two beautiful songs.

The album features 3 very special guests. Jeff Scott Soto, Rusty Brown from Electric Mary, and Jeff Waters from Annihilator. The latter the most recongnizable one: He plays in TV's Just A Medium, which is the heaviest and most agrressive song in the album.

The album needs to be listened at least 2 or 3 times in order to get really into it. don't expect an "in your face" album, it's more subtile than that. But once you're in, it remains on the CD player for a while.

Worth to note, the cover is a great artwork by Mark Wilkinson (Marillion, Fish, Judas Priest, The Darkness...).
Even of there's a song called Party's Over, it's actually just the begining. Koritni have just delivered a high quality album should please hard fans from all over the world.

Now let's wait for the upcmoning tour! There's a large French tour already scheduled. On this website you'll find pictures from the shows in Paris, Nancy and the Hellfest.

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Koritni Line-up:

Lex Koritni – Vocals
Eddy Santacreu – Lead Guitars
Luke Cuerden – Lead Guitars
Matt Hunter – Bass
Chris Brown – Drums

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Tracklist - Welcome To The Crossroads by Koritni

01. Down At The Crossroads
02. Better Off Dead
03. Party's Over
04. Now A Word From Our Sponsors
05. TV's Just A Medium
06. Lost For Words
07. Sydney In The Summertime
08. Sometimes
9. Money Talks, It Says Goodbye
10. Let's Go Crazy
11. Hold On
12. Take It Like A Man

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