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Divan du Monde - Paris, France
March 27 2012

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Koritni live in Paris

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To promote the release of the excellent album Welcome To The Crossroads, Koritni is doing an extensive French Tour, playing gigs in several cities.
Tonight's gig was Paris, and we were ready for another night of rock'n'roll! Just a few days after the vintage show from The Sticky Boys and the discharge from Steel Panther!

Eddy Santacreu with Koritni live at Le Divan du Monde in Paris

The Divan du Monde wasn't sold-out but still there was more people than for Tony Macalpine and Patrick Rondat the previous week.
Koritni are touring France extensively in 2012, so even if it wasn't sold-out tonight, many people will have the chance to see them this year. And it's absolutely worth!

The band hit the stage the song Welcome To the Crossroads and some people in the audience wondered who was the guy playing guitars and singing. Oh wait! It's Lex Koritni! He played guitar on that son. But also it was hard to recognize him with this new haircut.
No more Mr Nice Guy?

Koritni's rhythm section, Matt Hunter on bass and Chris Brown on drums, sounded great tonight. I love the shaking and groovy feeling they give to the new album, and they also had it on stage.

There were tow french guys on stage tonight: Eddy Santacreu and Manu Livertout. Luke Cuerden had to stay in Australia for personal reasons, so Manu Livertout was replacing him on this tour.

Given the fact that Lex now lives in France, we could almost say that the band Koritni is a half French, half Australian band now.

Maybe you've never heard of Manu Livertout, but this guy is has a 20 year career as a guitar player, and has toured France and Europe with several band, projects, and given master classes at prestigious music schools.

His performance was outstanding, no doubt he was the right guy to temporary replace Luke.

Matt Hunter on bass with Koritni
Manu Livertout on guitars with Koritni
Koritni on Itunes
The Boobs Crew take the stage for Red Light Joint

An unexpected suprise came during the hit Red Light Joint. Three girls got on stage to show what they got while dancing with the band.
Oh, we recognized them! They're the Boobs Crew and they already invaded the stage at the Steel Panther show a couple of days earlier.

Well, the boys from the band were not expecting that either, but Lex pointed out that Red Light Joint was the most appropriate song to do it.

Manu Livertout with his Ibanez guitar on his back

Other highlights of the album were the songs from the new album, Welcome To The Crossroads. Tunes like Lost For Words or Sometimes sound really good on stage.
But the classics like Heaven Again or Under the Overpass also made the crowds headbang and sing.

As the old saying goes, "the more you give the more you receive", and Koritni gave it all tonight. The audience response was great. At the and, everyone wanted more... and that's exactly what they gave us: a real encore!

The band played two encores at the end of the show, and they even played 3 songs that weren't on tonight's setlist.

That was a nice gift to the fans of Paris! There's absolutely no doubt about it: Paris loves Koritni, and Koritni loves Paris!

The party was over, for now... there's more to come!
Next Koritni show will be at the Nancy On The Rocks Festival and then at the Hellfest.

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Setlist Koritni – Le Divan du Monde – Paris, France – March 27 2012

01. Down at the Crossroads
02. Dirty Letter
03. Game of Fools
04. Party's Over
05. Not Your Man
06. Better Off Dead
07. Stab in the Back
08. Red Light Joint
09. Sometimes
10. 155
11. Lost for Words
12. Got To Get You Into My Life
The Beatles Cover
13. Emotional Audit
14. Money Talks
15. Highway Dream
16. Keep Me Breathing
17. Let's Go Crazy
18. Let It Go
19. Under the Overpass
20. I Wanna Know
21. Heaven Again
22. Nobody's Home
23. Roll The Dice
24. Sweet Home Chicago
Robert Johnson Cover

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Koritni Line-up:

Lex Koritni – Vocals
Eddy Santacreu – Guitars
Manu Livertout – Guitars
Matt Hunter – Bass
Chris Brown – Drums
Koritni live in Paris Divan du Monde
Koritni and Matt Hunter
Koritni in concert
The French Touch on guitars: Manu Livertout and Eddy Santacreu
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