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Simón Bolívar Park - Bogotá, Colombia
April 11, 2009

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The curtain will soon fall down - Kiss live in Bogotá, April 11 2009

I was leaving Bogotá on the day that KISS played there, so my friend Danny from BaduDigital will tell you about the show.

This is the first review written by someone else on this site, but it probably won't be the last.

Pictures were also taken by Danny.

KISS are finally here- Kiss live in Bogotá, Colombia, April 11 2009 For the almost 30.000 crowd this was a dream come true:
After more than 3 decades, KISS was playing for first time in Bogotá!
A long time but worth the wait.
This easter,  finally KISS was here as part of their Alive 35 World Tour.

The show was scheduled at the Simón Bolívar park, the largest open air venue in the country, full with the eager fans of the band.
Many painted faces and the desire for rock n' roll all night!
Kiss on stage in  Bogotá, Colombia - April 11 2009

There was a big courtain with the KISS logo in silver covering the stage.
Everyone where silent, waiting, when at 8:00 p.m.: Kaboom!
The courtain fell down, fireworks, explotions and KISS appeared opening this rock party with Deuce!
A 40 meter flag with the band faces painted on it began to wave over the audience heads.

Bloody Gene Simmins from Kiss in Bogotá, Colombia, April 11 2009

With the show, a heavy rain started to fall. "I don't care about the rain" Paul Stanley said, neither any of the well soaked audience.
Rock n' Roll gave us the heat and force to enjoy the show.

At the middle of the show came the great surprise for everyone: They started to play Forever!
They haven't played that song in a long time and everyone went mad singing this great ballad at once.

Gene Simmons ready to fly - Kiss live in  Bogotá, Colombia - April 11 2009

Then, after Black Diamond, Stanley played Stairway to Heaven's solo, and people didn't even had time to react when confetti cannons explode with Rock And Roll All Nite.

Gene Simmons flew over the top light rack and played from up there, Paul Stanley flew over spectators with a pulley and played from a mini-stage at the mixing room tower, Tommy Thayer's guitar shooted fireworks during his solo, confetti rain, explotions, fire balls and a mesmerized audience...

Tommy Thayer from Kiss live in Bogotá, Colombia - April 11 2009

The KISS show has been the greatest, loudest and most espectacular concert ever seen in Bogotá and it oughta end with the best from the band's rock arsenal: Detroit Rock City, renamed tonight at Bogotá Rock City, one of the most awaited songs of the night!

At the end, when the band went to their dressing rooms the show wasn't over.
An incredible fireworks show shined in the middle of the rain while God Gave Rock N' Roll To You sounded through the loudspeakers.
Gene Simmons from Kiss live in Bogotá, Colombia

Some peole think KISS is just an old men band playing old music and their glory years are over...

Well people, let me tell you how wrong you are! They're back and more spectacular than ever!

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Kiss with the flag from Colombia - Kiss live in Bogotá - April 11 2009

Setlist Kiss – Simón Bolívar Park, Bogotá, Colombia – April 11, 2009

01. Intro + Won't Get Fooled Again
02. Deuce
03. Strutter
04. Got To Choose
05. Hotter Than Hell
06. Nothin' To Lose
07. C'mon and Love Me (including Guantanamera + Cucurrucucu Paloma)
08. Parasite
09. She/Tommy Guitar Solo
10. Watchin' You
11. 100,000 Years/Eric Drum Solo
12. Cold Gin
13. Let Me Go, Rock 'N' Roll
14. Forever
15. Black Diamond (including Stairway To Heaven tease)
16. Rock And Roll All Nite
17. Shout It Out Loud
18. Lick It Up
09. Gene Solo/ I Love It Loud
20. I Was Made For Lovin' You
21. Love Gun
22. Detroit Rock City
23. Outro (God Gave Rock N' Roll II)

Angélica waiting for the KISS concert
Danny enjoying the KISS show in Bogotá - Thanks for the setlist and the report!

Kiss Links:

Kiss Website
Kiss My Space
Kiss CDs and DVDs on
Kiss on Metal Traveller's Flickr

Kiss Line-up:

Paul Stanley- Vocals / Guitars
Gene Simmons- Bass / Vocals
Tommy Thayer - Guitars
Eric Singer - Drums

Special Thanks To Angélica and Danny from Badudigital for this report.

Click here to visit Badudigital web design page.
Click here to visit Danny's Flickr

Copyrights of Pictures and text from this review are owned by Danny.
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Concerts 2009 Another Kiss show Concerts by Year
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