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Кипелов (KIPELOV)
Ария Фест - XXV лет - (ARIA FEST - 25 years)
Olympic Stadium - Moscow, Russia
November 27, 2010

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Valery Kipelov - Olympic Stadium in Moscow, Russia

Kipelov was one of the most awaited bands at the Ariafest!

Singer Valery Kipelov was the voice of Aria until 2002, when he formed his own band.

Andrey Golovanov on guitars with Kipelov

Some other former Aria musicians have played on his solo albums, like Sergey Mavrin.
Also, current Kipelov drummer is former Aria drummer Alexandrer Maniakin.

Also worth to note, Victor Smolski from Rage has also played guitar in some Kipelov albums and has appeared on stage with the band.

Vyacheslav Molchanov playing guitar with Kipelov at the Ariafest in Moscow

It’s said that nowadays Kipelov’s band is even more popular than Aria.

Kipelov has also sold-out this same venue, Moscow’s Olimpisky, for a headlining show. But now he was opening for his former band.

The conditions for Kipelov were the same as for the first 3 bands (Master, Arteria and Mavrick): few lights, little time, and only allowed to use the front of the stage as a black curtain was covering most of it.

Алексей Харьков from Kipelov live in Moscow

Kipelov played a setlist composed of four original songs from his band, plus two Aria covers.

This, I think, was a great idea. Tonight’s event was called the Aria-Fest, but of course Aria wouldn’t have time to play all their famous tunes.

And when I say famous I mean hits. Even if they’re not well known beyond Russia, they’re a real institution in their country.

Kipelov played one the best Aria songs ever, the power ballad Take My Heart (Возьми моё сердце), which is one of my favourites songs.
It was an incredible moment to me, but now that I think about it, I would have preferred Aria to play it, only to see while using the whole stage and the complete light show.

Alexander Maniakin on drums - Kipelov live in Moscow

Kipelov line-up is also a 5 piece band: two talented guitar players who alternate melodic solos, plus a rythm section composed of a good bass player and a drummer that every fan of Aria knows.

They all played great, and sound together like a real band, not a singer solo project.

Kipelov live in Moscow

What can I say about Mr. Valery Kipelov?
This guy is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! He was the singer of Aria for almost 20 years, he’s got a very recognizable tenor voice and a great composer.

Although I have some DVDs this was the first time I was seeing the man on stage. He was incredible. Just like with Dee Snider or Bruce Dickinson, when you see such a charismatic singer on stage, you don't forget him.

Молчанов, Кипелов and Харьков - Kipelov live in Moscow

Well, altough Kipelov played only 6 songs, he and his band made us spend a great moment.

Now... We knew what was coming next. Finally on stage... Aria!!

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Setlist Kipelov – Olympiski - Moscow, Russia – November 27, 2010

01. Жить вопреки
To Live In Spite Of
02. Путь в никуда
The Path To Nowhere
03. Я здесь
I'm Here
04. Следуй за мной
Follow Me (Aria cover)
05. Возьми мое сердце
Take My Heart (Aria cover)
06. Призрачный взвод
Ghost Squad

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Kipelov Line-up:

Valery Kipelov – Vocals
Валерий Кипелов
Vyacheslav Molchanov – Guitars
Вячеслав Молчанов
Andrey Golovanov – Guitars
Андрей Голованов
Alexey Harkov – Bass
Алексей Харьков
Alexander Maniakin – Drums
Александр Манякин
Valery Kipelov and Andrey Golovanov - Kipelov Live in Moscow
Kipelov live in Moscow
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