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The Seach Goes On
Release date: February 21 2014

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Genre: Rock / Stoner

Katchatka - The Seach Goes On
Metal Traveller Rating: 3,5/5 (Killer)
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Katchatka The Seach Goes On album cover

In seems that Sweden wants the throne of the new Rock'n'Roll nation, and Kamchatka might help to reach that goal. This band was formed Stockholm and The Search Goes On is already their fifth studio album.

Kamchatka is an icy volcanic peninsula in Eastern Russia. Likewise, the music of the band sounds wild and raw. The record is not overproduced, only the guitar uses some effects from time to time.
It sounds almost like a live album. A vintage one.


Actually, the record starts like a concert: There's a short guitar solo meaning like "OK, let's go", before the rest of the band start to play Somedays, which a very strong song and a great way to start the album.

The whole album is spontaneous, and I even think that there was some improvisation during the recording process.
I guess they had lots of fun when recording. That said, there is a dark atmosphere on this record, inherited from Black Sabbath, The Doors and other 70's bands.
Sweden is also known from its Doom Metal acts, and this style has definitely influenced Kamchatka.
The best examples are the riff and the solo of the song Dragons, or the dark atmosphere of Cross The Distance.

Broken Man and Pressure are other great slow songs, and the latter is very atmospheric too. But The Search Goes On is a very varied record and has a lot to offer.
Son Of The Sea is a pure Rock'n'Roll song that should sound great on stage. They also add some funky influences to their music, on the tasty Coast to Coast... While Tango Decadence brings a festive mix of Rock with Argentinean rhythms.
Thank You For Your Time is the fastest song on the record. It could be played on the radio today, and for sure it would have been a hit if it had been released back in the 70's.

The last song is the title track, The Search Goes On. While the melodies are really catchy, it is perhaps the strangest song of the record.
It's almost Psychedelic Rock, and has several riff and rhythm changes.

All ten songs are really enjoyable and during 42 minutes, Kamchatka gives the listener different moods, taking us to different universes.

The band has reached a milestone with The Search Goes On, proving that vintage Stoner Rock still has something to say.

Picture: Promo Despotz Records

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Katchatka Line-up:

Thomas "Juneor" Andersson – Guitar / Vocals
Per Wiberg – Bass
Tobias Strandvik – Drums

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Tracklist Katchatka - The Seach Goes On

01. Somedays
02. Son Of The Sea
03. Tango Decadence
04. Coast To Coast
05. Pressure
06. Cross The Distance
07. Broken Man
08. Dragons
09. Thank You For Your Time
10. The Search Goes On

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  < Album Reviews > Katchatka On Tour 2012 >
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