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Fifth Son Of Winterdoom
Release date: November 8 2013

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Genre: Power Metal

Iron Mask - Fifth Son Of Winterdoom
Metal Traveller Rating: 4/5 (Raise Your Fist)
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Iron Mask Fifth Son Of Winterdoom album cover

In these 11 years of musical career, Iron Mask have written some great songs achieved several milestones, but now, with Fifth Son Of The Winterdoom, they’ve gone one more step forward!

While still keeping Iron Mask's recognizable style, the band has taken a more Power Metal and less Neo-Classical direction. The songs are fresh, the melodies are inspiring, and the sound is remarkable.

Dushan Petrossi has composed every song on the record, and he’s proven once again that he’s full of ideas. He has accentuated the melodic aspect of the band, creating 12 catchy Power Metal tunes.

I also feel that Fifth Son Of The Winterdoom has a real band feeling, as for the first time every musician has previously recorded with Iron Mask before.
Dushan’s long-time partner Vassili Moltchanov is as usual on bass, while drummer Ramy Ali, who also performed on the previous record, Black As Death, is still here.
This album marks the return of Andreas Lindahl, who performed keyboards on Shadow Of The Red Baron.

There is only one vocalist on this album, and that’s Mark Boals again. His voice sounds amazing and fits perfectly in the band, I really hope that he will remain.


Back Into Mystery is led by a joyful melody and it seems to be a perfect song to start the record. Its piano ending is followed by Like A Lion In A Cage. This is a great and heavy song, its intro reminds Yngwie Malmsteen’s Trilogy Suite Opus 5.
He is one of Dushan’s greatest influences but this record is not intended to be a demonstration of Dushan’s guitar skills, it’s a real Power Metal record.

The title track, Fifth Son Of Winterdom, is a masterpiece. This epic and varied song goes through different atmospheres and moods during its 10 minutes length, and this keeps the listener captivated.

One Commandment has memorable drum beat, a very likeable melody and a very catchy chorus. It’s one of my favourite songs of the album, along with Angel Eyes Demon Soul and its melody. I also love the chorus of Run To Me.

As the title suggests, Rock Religion is dedicated to the music we love. It’s a strong tune that will certainly become a stage favourite, but it’s not a typical rock hymn.
There’s also a very emotive power ballad, Father Farewell.

Exotic influences from Japan can be heard on Seven Samurai, while Reconquista 1492 has a mystic feeling inherited from Andalucía.

The record ends with The Picture Of Dorian Grey, an intense song where rhythm and melody changes can easily leave you breathless.

Fifth Song Of Winterdoom is a very varied record, with sounds that take the listener to different worlds during 67 minutes.

All the songs have something special, be it the melody, the atmosphere, or the performance.

I think Iron Mask have achieved something unique, setting high standards with those songs, and keeping their trademark style.
May it be the beginning of something big… They deserve it!

Iron Mask
Picture: Promo AFM Records

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Iron Mask Line-up:

Mark Boals – Vocals
Dushan Petrossi – Guitars
Vassili Moltchanov – Bass
Andreas Lindhal – Keyboards
Ramy Ali – Drums

Iron Mask Links:

Iron Mask Website
Iron Mask CDs on
Iron Mask iTunes downloads

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Tracklist Iron Mask - Fifth Son Of Winterdoom

01. Back Into Mystery
02. Like A Lion In A Cage
03. Only One Commandment
04. Seven Samurai
05. Fifth Son Of Winterdoom
06. Angel Eyes, Demon Soul
07. Rock Religion
08. Father Farewell
09. Eagle Of Fire
10. Reconquista 1492
11. Run To Me
12. The Picture Of Dorian Grey

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