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Somewhere In The Circle
Release date: February 15 2013

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Genre: Heavy Metal
Metal Traveller Rating: (3,5/5 - Very good)

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Helker album cover

Straight from Argentina to the Heavy Metal nation, here is the band Helker!

You probably know that Argentina has a long tradition of quality metal bands: Rata Blanca, Hermética, V8, Almafuerte, Horcas, A.N.I.M.A.L., Malón ... and even Helker, who is now releasing its fourth album!

All these bands sing in Spanish. This has made them popular in Latin America, but their exposure outside the Spanish-speaking countries is limited. Too bad, because there are dozens of high quality bands in Argentina and elsewhere in South America.

Helker decided to publish an English version of their latest record Somewhere In The Circle.
First achievement: the band has signed a deal with AFM Records and the album is distributed worldwide.
But what exactly seduced the German label to publish this record? I’d say it’s the strength of the songs and the power of vocalist Diego Valdez. His voice sound great in all ranges, from high to low tones. If you've seen the latest Tarja DVD, he's the guy that sings Phantom Of The Opera with her.

Musical performances are also very good. The melodies have been well worked out and there are some remarkable solos, like No Chance To Be Reborn and At The End of the Journey.

In terms of production, I think it could have been better. Achim Köhler did a good work so the songs sound good and powerful, but still the sound is a bit old fashioned. Probably too classic.
But well, Helker is Classic Heavy Metal. These guys have fun playing the music we love. The most original feature from this band would be their Argentinean nationality. But if they do not venture too far from the beaten track, is that they know very well what they are doing!


Dreams could easily become an anthem, a live classic that the crowd would sing as one.
My favorite tracks are Wake Up, Ghost From The Past and Just Be Yourself. They have the kind of melodies and choruses that stick to your mind and make you want to bang that head!

And what about Beging For forgivness? Luxurious special guests Ralph Scheepers and Tim “Ripper” Owens sing this one with Diego. That’s another accomplishment for the Argentine band.
Mat Sinner is another "hidden" guest, as he's the one who co-wrote the album.

Lovers of classic heavy metal find in Helker’s Somewhere In The Circle a good album to enrich their CD collection. And if you like collecting ... The album will also be released with vocals in Spanish, with the title "En Algún Lugar del Círculo", but you’ll have to go to Argentina to get this one!

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Helker Line-up:

Diego Valdez – Vocals
Mariano Ríos – Guitar
Leo Aristu – Guitar
Christian Abarca – Bass
Hernán Coronel – Drums

Helker Links:

Helker Website
Helker CDs on Amazon.comHelker Amazon
Helker iTunes downloads

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Tracklist Helker

01. Modern Roman Circus
02. Just Be Yourself
03. No Chance To Be Reborn
04. Begging For Forgiveness
05. Wake Up
06. At The End Of The Journey
07. Ghosts From The Past
08. Still Alive
09. Flying
10. Inside Of Me
11. Dreams

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