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Blood On The Face
Release date: May 10 2013

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Genre: Heavy Rock
Metal Traveller Rating: (2,5/5 - Better after a few beers)

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Grenouer Blood On The Face album cover

Straight from Saint Petersburg in Russia here comes Blood On The Face from Grenouer.
The name of the band might not sound familiar, but they are no newcomers. Blood On The Face is in fact their seventh album. It was recorded at the famous Finnvox Studios in Finland bya team including Dualized & Eddy Cavazza (Mnemic) and Anssi Kippo (Children Of Bodom).

The cover artwork seems to come straight out of a horror movie, perhaps inspired by Silent Hill. It made me think instantly about an aggressive Thrash or Death Metal record. But some things are not what they seem. Grenouer don't play Thrash, or Death Metal. Or at least not anymore.
Grenouer did start as a Thrash / Death Metal band in the early 90’s. Later, they implemented some industrial touches, and now they're somewhere between Rock and Metal, adding many diverse influences.
The artwork is all that's left from their Thrash / Death Metal era.


Grenouer nowadays definitely sound modern and sometimes atmospheric. Most songs have a soft Rock base of guitars, drums bass and vocals, with added electronic elements and effects.
In Fact, Grenouer is more inspired by recent Rock and Metal acts made in USA than from European metal.
The result is interesting, not always traditional, and it doesn't always sound like Metal.

No song on Blood On The Face will make you headbang. There's some rap on Midday Show and songs like Golden Years and Rejected sound like mainstream pop music. Golden Years especially could easily make it to the radio.

Listening carefully, it's not hard to find that the musicians are very skilled. Nevertheless, they concentrate on the songs rather than on showing their abilities, so most tunes don't have a guitar solo for example.

My favourite songs are See No Sun for its 70's flavor, The Taste Of Misery for its nice guitar solo and Fix Your Life for its atmosphere. Still, I thing the album lacks some energy.
In a way, this is comparable to when Metallica released Load. I love Load and Re-Load (yes, I do!) but I think they’re too different to the previous Metallica albums and it would have been better to release them under a different name. Misunderstood could be the right word.

Grenouer delivers a varied album, with Pop, Rock and Metal influences. Blood On The Face might not make you headbang, but it could well bring a few people into Metal.
It's also a good introduction to Russian Rock, as not many bands from that country have managed to export their music outside the CIS.

Grenouer the band
Picture: Promo Mausoleum Records

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Grenouer Line-up:

Ind – Vocals
Motor – Guitars
"Buzzy" – Guitars
"Coroner" – Drums
Dmitry – Bass

Grenouer Links:

Grenouer Website
Grenouer CDs on
Grenouer iTunes downloads

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Tracklist Grenouer - Blood On The Face

01. Intro: Thunder Phase
02. Blood on the Face
03. Sands of Silence
04. Midday Show
05. Golden Years
06. Rejected
07. Fix Your Life / A Few Miles from Paradise
08. The Taste of Misery
09. Brain Fever
10. See No Sun
11. Last Stop
12. All in the Suit That You Wear

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